TX, GOP Groups Ask: Should Texas Secede?

by Dan Quinn

Texas Eagle Forum and the Denton County Republican Party are promoting a conference this month that will ask attendees whether Texas should secede from the United States. The Blackstone Blitz Workshop on the Constitution is set for Jan. 15 at a Baptist church in Lewisville just outside Dallas. Among the topics:

* How can we employ the worldview approach to understanding and reviving the Constitution?

* Who is the Constitution’s worst enemy?

* How can we effectively fight this enemy?

* What are the primary Judeo-Christian principles we must define and defend?

* Is there any validity to Humanists’ call for “relativism,” separation,” pluralism/diversity,” “tolerance,” etc.?

* Can Americans do anything to curb the courts – replace judicial supremacy with constitutional supremacy?

* Can Texas secede? If so, should we?

The conference is a project of the Abilene (Texas)-based Blackstone Institute, an openly militant promoter of the “culture wars” whose mission “is to declare and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview of the Constitution, law, philosophy, and theology with programs that inform and inspire.” “America is engulfed in the all-consuming flames of a Culture War from which no one and no area of American life can escape,” the website declares. It goes on to insist: “The Constitution’s principles and purposes are defined and prioritized by the Judeo-Christian value system.”

Oddly (or not) this supposed defender of the Constitution sees little conflict between its militant religious rhetoric and all that “no establishment” and “no religious test” stuff in the actual Constitution.

Blackstone’s focus apparently isn’t entirely on the Constitution. Its website also includes videos from Eagle Forum’s Court Watch (which is headed by Blackstone’s founder and current president) that ask: “Teaching Evolutionism in Texas: Bad for Texas and Bad for the Nation?” “Supporting the rights of creationism in the battle with evolutionism,” the group’s website declares as one of its goals. It also seeks to protect “persecuted orthodox believers,” supports “the sanctity of human life,” wants to protect “the Biblical family unit” and opposes “homosexual activism.”

A variety of Tea Party and far-right groups in North Texas apparently are helping promote the Blackstone event as well.