Books ‘R’ Us: Readers on the Impact of Books in Their Lives

Books are magic. They teach, inspire, comfort, guide, and entertain us. They can challenge our worldview, transport and connect us to realities that aren’t always our own. They build us up, and sometimes, they can reveal our truest selves without judgment. They’re reliable, safe spaces, and great listeners. They help us place ourselves in the big, unknowable world. […]

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SCOTUS Decision in Kennedy v Bremerton Pokes Another Hole in the Curtain Between Church and State. Texans Should be Wary.

In siding with former high school football coach Joe Kennedy, who repeatedly led his players in prayers immediately after games, the court is inviting public school teachers to impose their religious beliefs on students. This decision further erodes church-state separation, the cornerstone of religious freedom and a core tenet of our democracy, which ensures we are all treated equally no matter our religion or belief. […]

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It’s Time to Have “the Talk” this Sex Ed for All Month

Fellow Texans, it’s time for “the talk.” May is Sex Ed For All Month, and TFN is not new to giving Texans the lowdown on sex ed in our public schools. For years, we’ve used our #TeachTheTruth: Accurate Sex Ed campaign to advocate for comprehensive sexual health education that’s medically accurate, free of shame and judgment, and addresses the needs of all young people, regardless of their race, gender identity, or the zip code they live in. […]

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The Book Banners Are Coming for Optimus Prime

Now, the book banners are coming for Optimus Prime. There are many reasons why the recent surge of books banned from school libraries should concern all of us. A major one is this censorship movement’s predictable descent into something that will likely leave you scratching your head, wondering just why they banned that one. It highlights how this movement isn’t concerned with quality education, and it’s really all about control and playing politics with our neighborhood schools. […]

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