Politics Trumps Health and Education in Texas Textbook Adoption

The Texas State Board of Education voted today to adopt new health textbooks from just one publisher after critics attacked all of the textbooks for content — even in optional units — that addressed topics related to sex education. Digital textbooks for elementary and middle school offered by three other publishers failed to win approval. […]

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National Report Card: Texas Among the States Failing Students on Climate Change

When the State Board of Education wrote new science standards for Texas public schools 11 years ago, Republican board members dismissed teaching students about climate change as “hooey” and a “political agenda.” Now as the country has become even more vulnerable to powerful storms, massive wildfires and devastating cycles of drought and flooding, the TFN […]

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Public Hearing: Tell the Texas SBOE to #TeachTheTruth

The State Board of Education’s revision of its politically biased curriculum standards for social studies classes in Texas public schools is moving into a new and important phase. On Tuesday (June 12) the board will hold a public hearing on proposed revisions drafted over the past several months by teams of scholars and educators. Now the focus […]

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