On National Day of Prayer, We Proudly Proclaim Our Faith Does Not Discriminate

This National Day of Prayer, we’re holding the beauty of Tuesday’s Sing-In in our hearts and using it as our fuel for the fights ahead. Together, we lifted our voices in song to proudly proclaim that our faith does not discriminate and God loves trans people! The Sing-In was held in protest of Senate Bill 14, which seeks to ban lifesaving transgender healthcare for youth. […]

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National Day of Prayer — or Politics?

Nine years ago the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund released a report showing how religious-right groups had hijacked the National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer: Turning a Day of Faith into a Rally for the Christian Right examined how organizations like the National Day of Prayer Task Force and Focus on the Family as […]

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Now David Barton Is Commercializing Faith

For David Barton, apparently everything is a commodity. Stuff like this makes it hard to take Barton and his ilk seriously when they complain that others are disrespectful of people of faith. They have done all they can to turn the National Day of Prayer into an occasion to promote a political agenda. Now they’re […]

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Talking Points

From today’s TFN News Clips: “It is of no concern to me if this president, or any president, issues prayer proclamations. I can pray, or not, without government encouragement.” — Cal Thomas, a conservative commentator, writing about a recent court ruling that it is unconstitutional for government to promote the National Day of Prayer. Stay informed […]

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