Now David Barton Is Commercializing Faith

For David Barton, apparently everything is a commodity.


Stuff like this makes it hard to take Barton and his ilk seriously when they complain that others are disrespectful of people of faith. They have done all they can to turn the National Day of Prayer into an occasion to promote a political agenda. Now they’re also commercializing it. Talk about being disrespectful to people of faith.

8 thoughts on “Now David Barton Is Commercializing Faith

  1. No one could possibly disrespect real faith in G-d more than the Religious Right, Barton included. He makes everything he touches into a bad joke.

  2. Though it is tempting to make sarcastic/facetious remarks about commercializing of faith, I don’t see a contradiction., Simply put, there’s a lot of money involved w/ “fundi”churches. They will fight hard to protect their property and territory. They will take every opportunity to turn a dime or a dollar. I keep wondering where all that “serious money” is coming from and who is the “…man behind the curtain…”

  3. Barton is obviously not the first to “commercialize” faith. evangelical protestantism has become hijacked by the false “prosperity gospel” in which psuedo Christians rationalize devoting their lives to wealth building and materialism on the basis that is how God wills them to serve His kingdom, also known as “steak on a plate wait”…(“it isn’t just pie in the sky when you die, but steak on a plate while you wait)…

    1. Sad to say it’s true. Watching all the Scripture twisting he does with Kenneth Copeland is nauseating.

  4. David Barton is not the first and won’t be the last huckster of fundamentalist Christianity, but he is one of the most seriously deluded ones around.

  5. Discount prayer! Discount Christianity!

    Somehow, I have this suspicion that David Barton doesn’t know the differences between “discount” and “cheapen.”