Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal along with analyst Steve Emerson and others at Fox News have been almost universally shamed and criticized for making unfounded claims of “Muslim no-go zones” spreading throughout Europe, places which, according to the two men, are off-limits to non-Muslims.

Turns out Jindal and Emerson were looking in the wrong place. Muslim no-go zones are real, or, at least, there are people who want to make them real, though not in the way Jindal and Emerson claimed. Given what happened at the Capitol in Austin this morning, far-right activists and politicians do in fact want Muslim no-go zones, just as long as they’re the kind where Muslims aren’t allowed to go.

They want that no-go zone to be Texas.

What happened inside and outside the Capitol Thursday morning was — let’s just say it — disgusting, and it comes a couple of weeks after another similar incident in Garland.

Today was Texas Muslim Capitol Day, the seventh such celebration in which Texas Muslims visit their elected officials to advocate for, among other things, police accountability and religious freedom. As Texas Muslims were gathering outside the Capitol building, so was a small group of… Read More


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