This week’s controversial presentations by speaker Justin Lookadoo at Richardson High School near Dallas have angered parents and students in that community. Many are speaking out about the offensive messages in his presentations as well as on his website.

Lookadoo markets assemblies to public schools that include offensive gender stereotypes (“dateable” girls “know when to shut up,” and “dateable” guys are “real men” who are “stronger and more dangerous” than girls) and are grounded in conservative religious dogma.

Join a growing number of Texans in calling on public schools across the state to “JUST SAY NO” to Lookadoo’s programs. Click here to sign the petition.

Rev. Dr. Jaime Clark-Soles, a mother and theology professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, addresses her concerns about Lookadoo and his outrageous messages in a new article today on Huffington Post.

In addition, we have received permission from a Richardson mother to post an article by her daughter, Taylor Allen, a Richardson High School junior who attended one of Lookadoo’s presentations on Wednesday:

As a female student at Richardson High School, I was shocked and appalled by the misogynistic tirade I was subjected to at an assembly… Read More

Did students at Richardson High School near Dallas learn today how God expects them to be “dateable”? That appears to have been the purpose of a speaker who visits high schools in Texas and across the country. And a lot of Richardson students appear to have been understandably angered by the presentation.

Motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo gave a presentation at the high school earlier today. According to his website (“R. U. dateable”?) , “dateable girls” should “know how to shut up,” are “soft” and “gentle,” aren’t “Miss Independent,” and remember that “God made guys as leaders.”

And what about “dateable boys”? They remember that “men of God are wild, not domesticated” and that they’re “stronger, more dangerous, and more adventurous” than girls are. They “keep women covered up” because they know that “porn is bad.” “Dateable guys are real men who aren’t afraid to be guys.”

Apparently, young people who don’t fit these outdated and outrageous stereotypes and expectations aren’t ready to make a commitment with God to be “dateable”:

 “If you believe the dateable rules and are ready to commit to the list, then read on brave one! This commitment is between you and your God. He knows what… Read More