Propaganda vs. Truth

The right-wing propaganda machine has kicked into high gear over the past two weeks in defense of the State Board of Education‘s mutilation of proposed new social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools. A blizzard of press releases, blog posts and viral e-mails have claimed that the “liberal media” has unfairly criticized the board’s politicization […]

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Lege Hearing on Texas SBOE Today

Texas lawmakers today will focus on the State Board of Education‘s radical rewriting of history and social studies curriculum standards at a public hearing at the Capitol in Austin. Lawmakers from the Mexican American Legislative Caucus, Legislative Study Group, Texas Legislative Black Caucus and Senate Hispanic Caucus will hear testimony throughout the day. The hearing begins […]

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SBOE Chair to Legislators: Drop Dead

That seems to be the message from Texas State Board of Education Chairwoman Gail Lowe, R-Lampasas, to state legislators this week. Of course, we haven’t seen the communications between Lowe and representatives of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC), which is sponsoring a public hearing on Wednesday to learn more about the state board’s revision […]

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Pants on Fire, Ken Mercer

Maybe Texas State Board of Education member Ken Mercer, R-San Antonio, should work on controlling his temper. When you’re mad, as most of us probably heard from our mamas growing up, you often say things that, well, aren’t always completely accurate. In an e-mail from his re-election campaign today, Mercer charges that the “major print […]

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Pointing Fingers and Shading the Truth

Texas State Board of Education members are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves for the debacle over revising social studies curriculum standards. In new interviews with the Southern Baptist TEXAN, board Chair Gail Lowe, R-Lampasas, and fellow member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, are complaining that reporting about the board’s actions have been inaccurate. And they point […]

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