*Sneak Preview* Just Say Don’t Know

Teaching young people about sexuality and health should be serious business. But you wouldn’t know that from the materials used in many Texas classrooms… Get a sneak peek at a video previewing the release of a new Texas Freedom Network Education Fund report on sexuality education in Texas public schools. (The scene in the video […]

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Freedom and Education

Let’s talk about freedom and education for a moment. Today’s Austin American-Statesman includes an advance story about this week’s Texas State Board of Education public hearing and preliminary vote on proposed new science curriculum standards for public schools. Board member Ken Mercer, R-San Antonio, trots out the now-familiar talking points of the board’s creationists: teaching […]

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Special Dispensation for Lying?

Focus on the Family’s Texas affiliate, Free Market Foundation, just sent out an end-of-year fundraising e-mail. (“Giving Liberals a lump of coal and Texas a future!” Groan.) Once again, the pi0us folks at Free Market show they apparently have a problem remembering that lying is a sin. (Maybe there’s some special dispensation if political fundraising […]

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Religion and Evolution

Creationsists on the Texas State Board of Education have been tying themselves in knots trying to persuade folks that their attacks on evolution in the public school science curriculum have nothing to do with their religious beliefs. So we thought it would be good to review some of board chairman Don McLeroy’s own words. In […]

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Dunbar Strikes Again

Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar, R-Richmond, made news last month when she charged that President-elect Barack Obama “truly sympathizes” with enemies out to destroy America. Now guess what Dunbar has to say about the public education system she helps govern. From a Texas Freedom Network press release today: In her book, One Nation Under […]

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