Texas Freedom Network Statement on AG Ruling on Public School Bible Classes

Texas Freedom Network Statement on AG Ruling on Public School Bible Classes TFN President Says AG’s Opinion Correctly Interprets Legislative Intent and Helps Save Local School Districts from Legal Minefield FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 28, 2008 Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said today that the state’s public school districts are not required to offer courses […]

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More Truth-Stretching from the SBOE on Bible Classes

Texas Freedom Network has been taking fire from religious extremists on the State Board of Education for our stand on public school Bible classes. We have been very critical of the state board’s failure to adopt clear, specific curriculum standards to guide public schools in creating worthwhile, legal courses that don’t end up in court. In pieces published […]

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Ferguson on the SBOE

Constitutional scholar and Baptist minister John Ferguson yesterday weighed in on the vague, very general Bible curriculum standards adopted by the State Board of Education in the Abilene Reporter News: As a father and a man of faith, I am concerned whenever government gets involved in my religion or my kids’ lives. Then when the […]

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The Bible in the News: It Isn’t Going Away

Hope you aren’t tired of reading stories about Bibles in schools yet — there are likely many more to come. In today’s and yesterday’s TFN News Clips alone, we found six stories about public school Bible courses but only ran five and an editorial cartoon. And you can, as the Austin American-Statesman wrote in an editorial […]

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Fallout Over Bible Class Decision Will Come Later

The Houston Chronicle has an excellent wrap up of last Friday’s decision by the State Board of Education to adopt vague, very general guidelines for public school Bible classes in Texas. TFN Daily News Clips includes links to other stories about the state board’s action. (Click here to subscribe to TFN Daily News Clips. News […]

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