Have you been checking our #ThrowBackTexas page, where we look at what happened when right-wingers on the State Board of Education vandalized social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools four years ago? Even the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute has called the U.S. History standards adopted by the state board back in 2010 a “politicized distortion of history” filled with “misrepresentations at every turn.” Among the changes far-right board members made to the standards was deleting revered labor organizer and civil rights icon Dolores Huerta.

Now the state board is considering new textbooks based on those deeply flawed and heavily politicized curriculum standards. The state board will hold two public hearings on the textbooks this fall and is scheduled to vote on which ones to adopt for Texas public schools in November.

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During the Texas State Board of Education‘s revision of social studies curriculum standards in 2009-10, David Barton insisted that the board delete labor and civil rights icon César Chávez from a section on citizenship in the Grade 5 standards:

“(H)e certainly lacks the stature, impact, and overall contributions of so many others; and his open affiliation with Saul Alinsky’s movements certainly makes dubious that he is a praiseworthy to be heralded to students as someone “who modeled active participation in the democratic process.”

Barton, the head of the Texas-based, far-right organization WallBuilders, also opposed including Dolores Huerta in the standards, weakly arguing that she wasn’t really a historical figure since she was still alive. After a state board member later complained that Huerta is a socialist, her colleagues did vote to remove her from a section on citizenship in the standards for Grade 3. Considering his reaction to President Obama’s decision to award Huerta with a Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, perhaps Barton’s real problem with Huerta also was her politics. Barton tweeted today:

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