Bill Ames on Abortion and the SBOE

Bill Ames, appointed by Texas State Board of Education member Don McLeroy to a social studies curriculum writing team, has commented on our post about the relevance of abortion politics to the state board. We are reposting Mr. Ames’ comment here in its entirety: I will explain exactly what abortion politics have to do with […]

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Now They’re Dragging Abortion into It

UPDATE: A TFN Insider reader recorded the robocall noted in this post. Great work! See below. The calls apparently were paid for by Texas Alliance for Life PAC. Because of the late date, it won’t be possible to know before election day tomorrow how much this political action committee has suddenly poured into State Board […]

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Always Pushing the ‘Culture Wars’

Let’s see if we have this right. The Texas Legislature adjourned last week without passing legislation to keep five state agencies — including the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Insurance — operating after Sept. 1, 2010. So now Gov. Rick Perry says he is going to call lawmakers back for a special […]

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Sunday’s murder of George Tiller, a doctor who performed abortions in Kansas, has brought condemnation from many, including some anti-abortion groups and activists. But not all the “condemnations” have been particularly convincing. Doug Phillips of San Antonio-based Vision Forum Ministries, released a statement: “Tiller the Killer” is dead. Who will mourn for this man? . . […]

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