Not about Politics? Don’t Believe It

by Dan Quinn

Experience has taught us this: when someone from the religious right insists that a provocative event he has scheduled isn’t really about politics, you can be pretty certain that politics is exactly what it’s about. Today’s example: a far-right group called Operation Save America plans on Saturday “to present a prophetic message” about 9/11 at an event in New York.

Says the group’s assistant director, Rev. Rusty Less Thomas, in a press release today:

“We are going to New York City at this hallowed time not to politicize September 11th, but to present a prophetic message, that if heeded, may prevent future attacks and restore God’s hand of blessing upon our beleaguered nation.”

Uh-huh. And what is that prophetic message? Read on:

“Our sins of child-killing (abortion) and homosexuality have reached heaven. They are the roots of America’s troubles; a tyrannical government and the threat of Islam are the horrific fruits that are being produced under our watch. There is a direct connection between our spiritual and moral state and the litany of woe afflicting our nation. If America desires to secure a future and a hope for our children and grandchildren, we must end the American holocaust; quit parading our sin like Sodom, and return to the God of the Bible and His principles that served our nation so well in times past.”

So right after insisting that the group isn’t trying to politicize one of our nation’s most terrible tragedies — the terrorist attacks and murder of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 — the group’s spokesperson claims future such events (and a “tyrannical government”) can be avoided if only the nation will restrict the reproductive rights of women and the civil liberties of gay and lesbian Americans. The group’s regional director, Ante Pavkovic,  says later in the press release:

“If we repent and end abortion, God will deliver us from the evil of Islamic terrorism. But if we refuse, our enemies will continue to afflict our nation. We will continue to reap what we have sown.”

In other words: surrender to our agenda or God will make sure you’re really, really sorry. Gee, nothing political about that. Right?