Not about Politics? Don’t Believe It

Experience has taught us this: when someone from the religious right insists that a provocative event he has scheduled isn’t really about politics, you can be pretty certain that politics is exactly what it’s about. Today’s example: a far-right group called Operation Save America plans on Saturday “to present a prophetic message” about 9/11 at an event in New York.

Says the group’s assistant director, Rev. Rusty Less Thomas, in a press release today:

“We are going to New York City at this hallowed time not to politicize September 11th, but to present a prophetic message, that if heeded, may prevent future attacks and restore God’s hand of blessing upon our beleaguered nation.”

Uh-huh. And what is that prophetic message? Read on:

“Our sins of child-killing (abortion) and homosexuality have reached heaven. They are the roots of America’s troubles; a tyrannical government and the threat of Islam are the horrific fruits that are being produced under our watch. There is a direct connection between our spiritual and moral state and the litany of woe afflicting our nation. If America desires to secure a future and a hope for our children and grandchildren, we must end the American holocaust; quit parading our sin like Sodom, and return to the God of the Bible and His principles that served our nation so well in times past.”

So right after insisting that the group isn’t trying to politicize one of our nation’s most terrible tragedies — the terrorist attacks and murder of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 — the group’s spokesperson claims future such events (and a “tyrannical government”) can be avoided if only the nation will restrict the reproductive rights of women and the civil liberties of gay and lesbian Americans. The group’s regional director, Ante Pavkovic,  says later in the press release:

“If we repent and end abortion, God will deliver us from the evil of Islamic terrorism. But if we refuse, our enemies will continue to afflict our nation. We will continue to reap what we have sown.”

In other words: surrender to our agenda or God will make sure you’re really, really sorry. Gee, nothing political about that. Right?

9 thoughts on “Not about Politics? Don’t Believe It

  1. The anti-abortion crowd is frantic about the possibility of another Obama SCOTUS replacement.
    They’re obviously hurting for bucks and looking for ways to “up their profile”.
    Feeling “courage” about publicly expressing their racism with Beck and Palin leading the charge. (Yes, I know, B&P came out against burning the Koran).
    911 will be desecrated every year for decades to come by this or that group seeking attention.
    “…Oh, the humanity!!!!”

  2. Oh, I BEG to differ. EVERYTHING is about politics. Even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has gone politically viral.

    What a shame to the memory of those who died on 9/11 that their death has given birth to the above crap.

    These far-right wackos are just running scared. They have not one substantive argument in their pocket so they do what anyone would do when faced with that reality: resort to hate and fear.

    Not about politics? That’s like saying “The check is in the mail.”

    For some comic relief, I suggest you all go to YouTube and watch this hilarious 1 min 50 sec video. Search for this title: Burn A Quran Day (A Tragical Church Parody Ad from DC Douglas).

    It will become a classic. (Or should I say “classical.”)

  3. AoS, The 50’s (after Korea and before Castro took over Cuba, that is). Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best. December Bride.

  4. Okay, folks, we’ve got a real problem here. More and more far right kooks are calling the Obama administration tyrannical. That is patently false. Those brainless, thoughtless excuses for human beings don’t know what the word means. I do. It means, “Hey, we got a nigger president, let’s get rid of him.” Pure and simple that is what it means.

    I know you who know me or my writings here that I’m not a bigot and loath both bigots and the “n” word but sometimes you’ve got to write it out. I worked for the Obama campaign and voted for the man and despite his messing around trying to make nice with people who do not know the meaning of “nice,” the GOP, he is finally targeting Boehner and the Republican party. So it took awhile, but I just pray that he has started in time. The mere thought of Speaker Boehner makes me ill. We had eight years of regression, isn’t that enough?

    Personally, I don’t care if a person is white, black, red, yellow, polka dotted or green and orange (yech!). I go by Dr. King’s wish: I judge a person by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin and I hope that the day comes when the majority of people in this country feel as I do. We’re all G-d’s children which means we’re all related.

    I don’t know when the word tyrannical got injected into the arguments (I almost called them debates) but somehow and someway if nothing else we’ve GOT to get them to drop the word. Sharon Engle, the wicked witch of the west (Arizona) scares the hell out of me. She is advocating that if the conservatives don’t get what they want from this election, people should take up arms and start shooting progressive politicians! She called out Harry Reid as target number one. Dammit, that is a FELONY, she needs to be taken to a nut factory and then if she is found to be capable of contributing to her own defense, pack her off to federal prison (no patrol) for the rest of her unnatural life.

    There are people out there who will ACT on Engle’s “suggestion.” She calls her plan the second amendment recourse to a tyrannical government. But once again, tyrannical means “unjustly cruel, harsh, or severe; arbitrary or oppressive; despotic: a tyrannical ruler.” Do ANY of those apply to our Government? Hell no. But the crazies out there, being ignorant followers, as were the Germans in the 1930s through the 1940s. They want and need someone to tell them what to do they CANNOT think for themselves.

    During last summer’s debacle tea party “town meetings” one woman cried, “I want my white America back.” Nobody said a word to shame her. That is not America, it is not American, it is out and out bigotry of the first class and I hope that that woman doesn’t vote.

    An interesting side note is that many of those people who are overcome by emotion and are incapable of thinking for themselves DO NOT VOTE. They think that they and they alone have the answers but refuse to pull the levers or make an X to vote in or out those with whom they disagree.

    Stop the world…I want to get off!

  5. “If we repent and end abortion, God will deliver us from the evil of Islamic terrorism. But if we refuse, our enemies will continue to afflict our nation. We will continue to reap what we have sown.”

    Uh, abortion has always been around; yes, even before it was legalized in 1973. Abortion has been around since before there was Islam. Ante Pavkovic needs to brush up on history. But I forgot: these folks don’t like education.

    Rocket Mike: Yes, I’m sure Beverly is writing about Sharron Angle.

  6. Weird. I’m going back to ‘subscribe to this site”.
    I wish they would re-run the Frontline series based on Daniel Yergin’s The Prize.
    The historical facts are that the actions of the international oil corporations and the CIA, (Russians, KGB too, of course) are what really created “Islamic radicalism”, in its modern context.
    While the hicks debate who is really Satan, the world powers continue to play out their “Great Game” in its modern manifestation.
    We’re getting some positive economic news and the stock market is gradually rising. Watch the polls start to shift and the right wing get more hysterical.

  7. Hitler proved that one can be anti-abortion but not pro-life. Hitler was trying to create a “master race”. In Nazi Germany if a white ayran woman had an abortion she was put to hard labor. If she had a second abortion she was put to death. Both Hitler and Saddam Hussein were survivors of abortion. Their mothers wanted to get an abortion before they were born but was unable to. Pro-life groups would say that Hitler and Saddam Hussein had a right to be born. Pro-choice groups would say the Hitler and Saddam Hussein (and rapist and murderers on death row) should never have been born in the first place.