From Burning Bushes to Crying Babies

For everyone who thought the culture warriors on the religious right would take a back seat at the Texas Legislature during this once-a-generation budget crisis, ladies and gentlemen, we give you exhibit A: During last week’s debate in the Texas Senate over the “sonogram bill” — legislation that would require a doctor show a sonogram […]

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What’s the Emergency?

Both the Texas House and Senate have now released initial budgets intended to cover a massive state fiscal deficit that experts have placed as high as $27 billion. Cuts outlined in those budgets could mean the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in education — one lawmaker describes the effect on public schools as […]

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Chilling Times

The shooting this morning of an Arizona congresswoman (who at this writing is in critical condition) is a chilling moment in American history. It appears that six people were killed, including a young child and a federal judge. Some have already noted that Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was featured last year in a map created […]

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Elections Open Door to Radical Agendas

The Associated Press notes that the religious right is preparing to use the November elections to push a radical legislative agenda in states across the country starting in January. The religious right’s hit list includes women’s reproductive rights, embryonic stem cell research, divorce laws and equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans. The Texas Freedom […]

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Not about Politics? Don’t Believe It

Experience has taught us this: when someone from the religious right insists that a provocative event he has scheduled isn’t really about politics, you can be pretty certain that politics is exactly what it’s about. Today’s example: a far-right group called Operation Save America¬†plans on Saturday “to present a prophetic message” about 9/11 at an […]

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