Lt. Gov. Patrick Rams Discrimination Bill Through Senate Committee

Today Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took a big step forward in his obsession with passing a bill targeting LGBT Texans for discrimination. The lieutenant governor rushed through committee — with virtually no notice or public hearing — passage of SB1978. We just sent out the following press release. […]

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Texas House Committee Advances Bill on Posting Ten Commandments in Public Schools

Texas legislators this year claim they finally want to do a better job making sure public schools have the funds they need to educate our state’s schoolchildren. Well, the House Public Education Committee isn’t helping after last week approving a bill on posting the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms. In fact, that bill is a church-state train wreck that could tie up school districts in […]

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Stop Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s Newest Attack on LGBT Texans

UPDATE: The Senate State Affairs Committee has passed SB17 and sent it on to the full Senate. Use the form below to contact your state senator to tell them you oppose SB17. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick just launched his newest legislative assault on LGBT Texans. The Senate State Affairs Committee is set to consider a sweeping […]

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