Spare Us the Sanctimonious Political Lecture, Rep. Zedler

Zedler Tweet

The Left hates the Duggars because they have standards – even if they fall short – they have standards. The Left will not tolerate that

So, as you can see in his Tweet from Wednesday evening, state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, thinks “the Left” is unfairly persecuting the Duggars — the religious right’s favorite family, with 19 kids, a TV show and — we now know — an eldest son, Josh, who admitted repeatedly molesting little girls (including some of his sisters) when he was a teenager.

Never mind, apparently, that the Duggars have cynically argued that laws protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination put children at risk of sexual assault.

And that Josh was executive director of the venomously anti-LGBT group Family Research Council Action, whose president, Tony Perkins, argues that gay people are a threat to children.

And that InTouchWeekly reports how Josh confessed his deeds to his father at least three times, that it took 16 months before his parents sought counseling for him, and that the statute of limitations had run out by the time police began an investigation.

And that Rep. Zedler essentially launched his political career more than a decade ago by arguing that a proposed Hooters restaurant in Arlington would attract sexual predators. He’s one of a number of religious-righters in the Texas Legislature who regularly proclaim their devotion to morality and “traditional values.”

Please spare us the sanctimonious political lecture about the Duggars, Rep. Zedler — unless you’re willing to admit that your words about traditional values, protecting children, and “standards” have been little more than empty political rhetoric.

18 thoughts on “Spare Us the Sanctimonious Political Lecture, Rep. Zedler

  1. Hooters attract predators? I don’t go because I don’t like their food.
    I never had a problem with my cousin and his significant other taking my children rafting on the rivers.
    I think a womanizer is as much of a threat as well if he wants to start playing that game.

  2. So Zedler is siding with a pedophile? Perhaps cops should investigate HIM.

  3. Yes, Tea Party Republican Rep. Zedler is a reprobate. On the top of his Issues page on his website is “Limited Government” which means, I suppose, that he is for it. Of course, what this really means is exactly the opposite. He wants the Texas state government, using its statutory powers, to repress gays, science in Texas schools, the state-supported public school system, unwillingly-pregnant Texas teenage girls, minorities, immigrants, and the working poor. (I acknowledge that Rep. Zedler honestly favors “limited government” when it comes to regulating powerful corporations and wealthy individuals.) I once testified in front of him in opposition to State Board of Education activities and his response was that an election took place and the Radical Republican Religious Right (he said “Conservatives”) won. Zedler is, in fact, a theological authoritarian who wants nothing more than to force his preferred form of unlimited government down the pocketbooks, throats, and vaginas of almost-powerless Texas citizens. In other words, he is a hypocritical reprobate.

  4. The RRRR–thanks Steven–have values. Ignorance, disbelief of science, hatred, bigotry, and stupefying fear of the other.
    Take Huckabee (not really) who attempted to make a joke about transgendered women going into a girl’s rest rooms or showers.
    When I was a crisis interventionist/suicide prevention counselor, I talked with gays and the transgendered. What those poor folks have to go through is mind boggling.
    I wrote Huckabee for his cruel remarks under the guise of being a joke.
    I asked him if he was aware that there are two kinds of transgendered people: Those who kill themselves because they realize that they will never will be able to scrape the money together to afford treatment and those who work as a male for an extended period of time so they can get enough money.
    How much are we talking about? For someone like Ms. Jenner who could afford all the bells and whistles, she probably put out over $100,000. The average transgendered forks out at minimum $50,000.
    A transwoman doesn’t just get up one day, slip on a dress and start living as a woman. First are the psychologists who soak them for over a year or two. Then they have to find an endocrinologist who will start the hormonal changes. ONLY when a transwoman can pass as a normal woman will she begin to use the ladies rooms. To think that they are there to do anything other than to do normal bodily functions is a mental illness on the part of the bigots we endure all the time.
    Gays, on the other hand, are NOT PEDOPHILES! They are attracted to people of the same sex and gender, not children.

    Transgenderism and homosexuality and just about every other function of our lives are FIXED PRIOR TO BIRTH. I’ve heard from enough people during my time on the phones to want to cry for those people. The people who are okay with themselves, that’s wonderful. But for the transgendered, I can only try to explain their plight.
    Imagine that you are a man who loves being a man. You go through life without a doubt as to who you are.
    You go to sleep one evening and wake up…as a woman! Regardless of the fact that you KNOW that you are a man, yet society is going to demand that you dress like a woman, act like a woman, talk like a woman, etc. Now the bra is on the other side.
    If you are still with me and not vomiting at just the THOUGHT that something has gone terribly wrong…take that feeling and put it into what is essentially a transgendered woman’s head.
    Did you feel like you had a punch in guts? That is what a woman in a man’s body feels like every moment of every day. I’d love if you could talk with some of them, but you will never know you are talking with one of them. They just look like any other woman.
    And for those poor souls whose own brain is feminine, they despise their genitals and as one of them told me “from the earliest memory, I wondered why people were giving me trucks, guns, and other toys meant for a boy–I was a girl and wanted dolls, dresses, frilly curtains in my room…
    Bottom line: Sexuality is formed prior to birth. For those idiots who say “Are you saying that God makes mistakes?” No, but he has nothing to do with each and every gestation.

    1. Actually Beverly He fashions each and every one of us in the womb. Because of sin nature problems occur in gestation and even society as a whole. 3rd Chromosomes. Crack Babies, cancer, dementia and other problems. Not because of God but because that is what happens when we live in a fallen world.

      Now say what you want but homosexuality ranks right up with suicide as an open and hostile rebellion against the Lord God Jehovah.

      I have spoken to GLAS groups in high school and never used the Bible in talking to them and I coached many of them in softball. When they told me that they were unhappy I simply told them it is because they were trying to live in a universe that operates under fixed natural laws. Unfortunately people can be cruel and hateful with things they don’t understand.

      I cannot call homosexuality anything but sin and an affront to the Lord and I won’t change that. At the same time I am not going to mistreat people because they will answer to God and He is more than capable of dealing with things.

      Rest assured that Christians who are spiteful, cruel and harm others are going to be disciplined by the Lord as well. He guarantees that in the Bible as well.

      For some reason people get more worked up about sexual sins than any others. Plenty of sin abounds and as a society we have some really pressing needs and they don’t center on LBGT things. Human trafficking, corruption in gov’t on both sides, murder rates skyrocketing, starvation.
      Men love darkness and Jesus Christ provided the answer to all these things through His work on Calvary designed to reconcile man to God.

      1. “murder rates skyrocketing”

        Well, if murder rates in the US being about half of what they were from 1970 to 1990 can be described as “skyrocketing.” I would maybe choose another word.

        “it is because they were trying to live in a universe that operates under fixed natural laws.”

        And what laws would those be, Amazed? Gravity and conservation of angular momentum I’m pretty familiar with, but a couple of hundred species of vertebrate are known to engage in “homosexual behavior.” There are species of lizards with no males at all – and the females “mate” in order to conceive little lizards.
        And the universe is a pretty big place, too.

      2. Amazed says, “He fashions each and every one of us in the womb.” Actually, Amazed, as many as 75% of all conceptions miscarry, and about 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Another term for miscarriage is “spontaneous abortion.” Thus, “He” is the greatest abortionist in the known universe. Blaming these spontaneous abortions on “sin” is nonsense when, usually, the woman did nothing evil. But of course sin (an act against God’s supposed laws) is not the same thing as evil. So the Supreme Abortionist is also arbitrary in meting out abortions to women. Such a record.

        Now let me tell you what is evil. First, meting out arbitrary spontaneous abortions (but only if He exists, since if He doesn’t exist, it’s only genetics and thus not evil at all but merely a natural occurrence). Second, evil is forcing any woman to give birth to an unwanted child by making it inordinately difficult to obtain an abortion, birth control materials, and even keeping a woman ignorant of birth control information. Do any of these apply to you?

        1. Hi Steve,

          If He doen’r exist then man becomes the arbiter of right and wrong. And we know from history the distaers that came into the world because of those attitudes. Germany in Hitler’s time, the French Revolution, Stalin’s Great Purge. And until men submit to the God of the unioverse and acknowledge His way then problems are going to continue without any explanation.

          I don’t have a problem with birth control. I do believe that good judgement must be used when planning families. I have no problem with educating people and making that information easily accessible. Sex is more than procreation but it has to be done in the confines of marriage according to the Biblical standard. (I am not trying to argue that, I am speaking in terms of birth control)
          What I object to is this free sex nonsense and then my tax payer dollars funding someone elses indescretions.
          Miscarriage is something different and it happens. Again because of sin nature those things happen just like birth defects, diseases and other unexplainable things.
          I believe abortion is sin and shedding of blood but again men and women are agents of will so I don’t picket, or block or condone murder. That I find evil and indefensible.
          God is quite capable of being God and dealing with it in His own way.

          The one thing about Christians Steve is that many times we try to tell what the Bible says when it doesn’t give an edict one way or another. There is a thing called the mystery of faith. I can’t explain many things but I do believe in a sovereign God who sent His son to die to become sin on my behalf so that I can be rightly related to him.

          There are things that aren’t mysteries that are very black and white. Many of these things are not arguments with a person but with God who has spelled it out.

          I appreciate reading TFN and keeping up because I believe there are legitimate points to be made. While I may not agree with some of them, I do repect the people who do hold them.

          OK, have agreat evening and lets keep up the great dialogue.

          1. Amazed, thank you for your kind and gracious reply. I’m sure it contains great wisdom which I can appreciate but unfortunately cannot understand because I don’t share your religious beliefs. But I wish you the best. And have a great evening yourself.

          2. You are correct, Amazed, man is the arbiter of right and wrong. We create and govern our societies. We grant, or not, rights, liberties and pursuits of happiness. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.

            We are responsible for our actions. It’s called personal responsibility.

          3. Unfortunately when man is the arbiter of those things it leads to disasters such as the French Revolution, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia have proven.
            This is because there is no moral absolute on which to base societal values and consequentially the standards may change at the whim of an individual or a group of individuals.

          4. Ha! The French Revolution was no disaster. It overthrew monarchy, authoritarianism, feudalism, religious hegemony, and superstition and replaced them with republicanism, democracy, capitalism and socialism, secularism and humanism, and science. It was the ultimate consequence of the Enlightenment and led directly to Modernism and the modern world, which has, more or less, been a benefit to humanity. Viva Le Revolution!

          5. The Crusades were pretty bloody too. And those European wars from 1550 to 1700. And Ireland for a Long Time.
            All Christians.

  5. So I wrote my POS representative Zedler and told him how unacceptable his remarks were. I get an email from him this morning:

    Bill Zedler
    11:37 AM (3 hours ago)
    “Dear Ms. Saccardo,

    Thank you for your message. Why don’t you tell me EXACTLY what message you got and who you received it from, because you do not receive my tweets – so you got what someone else said I tweeted.

    Thank you again,
    Bill Zedler”

    My response:
    “From your twitter feed.
    @Bill_Zedler: The Left hates the Duggars because they have standards – even if they fall short – they have standards. The Left will not tolerate that”

    Is he so stupid to think that just because the public doesn’t follow him, they can’t go to his twitter page and read his comments? So now is he going to deny it? Wow.

  6. Hi Steve,

    Had to change my email address and have been out of town. Did I miss anything good?