Sen. Ted Cruz's Dad Says: 'Communism and Evolution Go Hand in Hand'

by Dan Quinn

Where did Texas Sen. Ted Cruz develop his extremist political views? Perhaps right at home. Our friends at Right Wing Watch have the video of the senator’s father, Rafael Cruz, talking about how communists use homosexuality and evolution to gain power. Homosexuality, you see, destroys families. Communists want that, apparently. As for evolution:

“You know most Americans have their head in the sand about evolution. I’ve met so many Christians that tell me ‘well, evolution is a scientific fact.’ Baloney! I am a scientist, there is nothing scientific about evolution. But you know something, Karl Marx said it, ‘I can use the teachings of Darwin to promote communism.’ Why? Because communism, or call it socialism if you think communism is too hard a word, necessitates for government to be your god and for government to be your god they need to destroy the concept of God. That’s why communism and evolution go hand in hand. Evolution is one of the strongest tools of Marxism because if they can convince you that you came from a monkey, it’s much easier to convince you that God does not exist.”

Rafael Cruz is a scientist? A Dallas Morning News story last year reported that he fled Cuba in 1957 (during the rule of right-wing strongman Fulgencio Batista) and earned a college degree in math before working in computers for the oil industry.

Today the elder Cruz is a Dallas pastor and director of Purifying Fire Ministries. He wants President Obama to “go back to Kenya” and claims the president has vowed to “stand with the Muslims” and is a Marxist out to “destroy all concept of God.”

On November 14 Rafael Cruz will be the featured speaker at a Montgomery County Eagle Forum event in Conroe north of Houston. Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas State Board of Education Chairwoman Barbara Cargill, R-The Woodlands, and former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay are listed as “special honorees” for the event.

Right Wing Watch has more on Rafael Cruz here.