Rick Scarborough: Birther Extremist

Maybe Rick Scarborough should run for chair of the Texas Republican Party of Texas. After all, we’re beginning to think the head of the far-right group Vision America (based in Lufkin) could be even more extreme than the Texas GOP’s current chair, Cathie Adams. (See here and here for examples of Adams’ extremism.)

In a fundraising e-mail today, Pastor Scarborough once again aligned himself with the fringe right-wingers who run around claiming that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States and thus isn’t eligible to be president. Never mind that such nonsense has been debunked definitively and repeatedly, including here. Scarborough has money to raise.

So today Pastor Scarborough’s e-mail notes “two marching evils.” First:

“Out of control spending that will bankrupt the nation if not stopped and reversed, driven by a man who may not even be legally qualified to be our President.”


“Sexual anarchy led by sodomites who will not stop demanding more until they have destroyed every semblance of public morality. I believe this fact is more dangerous to the life of our country than Barack Obama and his Chicago style political machine of thugs and doctrinaire Communists, Marxists and moral degenerates. Our founders understood that central to freedom was morality and religion; President George Washington said those very words in his farewell address as he retired from public office.”

Then Pastor Scarborough pleads desperately for $50,000 to help Vision America continue its fight (such as it is) against communism and “moral decay” in America. This month, we’re told, the group had to borrow money to meet payroll. So his e-mail recipients are asked to help Vision America “end the year in strong financial shape so we can launch new initiatives without the burden of finances that chokes creative thinking.”

Well, here’s a creative thought: stop promoting hateful, fringe politics. That might not raise money for you, Pastor, but it would certainly be good for America.

3 thoughts on “Rick Scarborough: Birther Extremist

  1. If Rev. Scarborough changed his message it would not be as funny We need jokers like this who fleece the morons and then spend the money on booze and boy toy whores. I call it fundie justice.

  2. Eric Hoffer in “Passionate State of Mind” says:

    Both Faith and Terror are instruments of for the elimination of individual self-respect. Terror crushes the autonomy of self-respect, while Faith obtains it’s more or less voluntay surrender. In both cases the result of the elimination of indivdual autonomy is — automation. Both Faith and Terror reduce the humanentityt to a formula that can be manipulated at will.

  3. As it always been; Charlatans willing and able to manipulate ignorants and impressionables will always be around to collect from their base.