Rick Perry Goes There (Again)


“I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a Christian. But you don’t need to be in the pews every Sunday to know that there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.”

The Texas Tribune reports that an “official familiar with the campaign strategy” says this new Iowa ad for Gov. Perry is targeting evangelical voters with the message that the “moral fabric of our country is out of whack.” In the ad Perry criticizes what he absurdly calls “Obama’s war on religion” and “liberal attacks on our religious heritage.”

The ad follows a statement yesterday in which Gov. Perry attacked a new Obama administration policy to defend the human rights of gay people who are imprisoned, brutalized and even murdered in some countries. Perry called the policy “not in America’s interests” and “not worth a dime of taxpayers’ money.”

Misusing religion to divide voters isn’t a new political strategy for  Gov. Perry, of course. But his rhetoric is increasingly divisive and even incendiary as he desperately tries to regain his footing in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

If you’re concerned about this — and the myriad other ways religion affects modern American politics — then make plans to join the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund in Houston on January 25. We are partnering with the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy and the Rice University Religion and Public Life Program to sponsor a “Religion in the 2012 Elections” symposium. Click here to learn more about this special event.

9 thoughts on “Rick Perry Goes There (Again)

  1. I’m a 7th generation Native Texan whose family has ranched here since 1832, when Texas was still part of Mexico. Rick Perry does not speak for me either,. His rhetoric is offensive, his swagger is too much in the style of W. It amazes me that with 25million residents, many of whom are transplants not only from other parts of our country, but indeed from all around the world why we continue to put up with Perry’s rhetoric, and the rhetoric of the religious right, and the craziness of our State Legislature and the SBOE. Surely the religious right does not outnumber the number of people who now reside here, or the Hispanic and Afrixcan-American vote, both of whom are strong in numbers.

    There was a time when you could fit all of the republicans in Texas in a phone booth. It was under Nixon that Texas started moving from conservative “Dixiecrats” to the red side. Still, with all of the non-evangelical Christians in our state combined with the minority voting blocks, which generally go blue, I am astonished that the religious right is so successful in getting their candidates elected.. Perhaps we are the original poster child for Palm Beach County Butterfly Ballots? Maybe we moderate, independent, progressive and liberal thinkers are too complacent to make a stand and be a voice.

    It is it is getting scarier by the minute as the religious right continue their jihads on the American people. In fact, the only thing that separates the jihadist mentality in a few Muslim nations from the religious right is the civility of our Constitution, which the conservatives and the religious right are systematically trying to do away with or at least circumvent. If we, the intelligent, open-minded residents of this state who are capable of making informed decisions on our own do not stand up to this war waged by conservative republicans and the religious right, then we will be as guilty as those in Europe who stood by did nothing to stop the rise, terror and atrocities caused by the Nazis.

  2. Well said Gary. But, how do you convince a state filled with people whose only voting process is an “R” next to the candidates name?

  3. I thought about getting bumper stickers printed up that read ‘GINGRICH/PERRY 2012″ to complement my DAN QUAYLE/CLAYTON WILLIAMS ’92″ bumper stickers. Both would be great collectors items and gag gifts. However, the more I observe the GOP and the Goebbels tactics from right arm Fox News, the more I think these two could no only be running mates, bust successful ones. . What really has me concerned is the number of Americans who would support them as GOP hopefuls (hopeless!)

    Personally, I do not look good in brown shirts, nor do I care to learn a different salute. I do not think that books make good bon fires after new books have been printed to both replace and introduce “true history and politics” . I do not think that James Dobson would make an effective Secretary of State, I personally am against appropriation of funds to reopen abandoned U.S. military installations as “reeducation centers” for our countries undesirables.

    It seems that Perry has decided to create God in his own image because it seems that God hates the same people that he does.. Perhaps that’s exactly what the religious right has also done–conveniently created God in their own image.

  4. It’s always been that way ever since man created gods. Either they’re horrible monsters that you have to continually appease with offerings (which are used by the clergy to enrich themselves) or they create god in their own image such that god hates everything they hate and only loves people with the same hatreds. My only hope is that Perry’s abortion of a Presidential campaign causes him to be defeated next gubernatorial election.