Profiling for Me, But Not for Thee?

Few people think the Internal Revenue Service should be targeting groups simply because of their political views. We certainly don’t. But a too many folks think it’s OK for law enforcement to target people simply because of what they look like. On Thursday The Daily Show aired a classic piece that exposes the hypocrisy of one prominent supporter of racial and ethnic profiling. The end of the clip really is a must-watch takedown.

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4 thoughts on “Profiling for Me, But Not for Thee?

  1. Taxed enough already ..sponsored by the Mormon church and KOCH brothers. Wow those are bigger profiles than a black man with a joint sticking out of his mouth..The tea party leaders should be locked up…and soon will be.. Texas freedom for WHO?

  2. What gets me is why anybody would be interviewed by Comedy Central, especially the Daily Show, if they didn’t want to launch a career in comedy!

    I wonder if Wayne Root appreciated his comic debut as much as I did!!

  3. Personally, I fully support what the IRS was doing and for a very good reason. If you tool around the Internet, you will find all sorts of crackpot theories about how the federal income tax and other taxes are illegal. Mindless tax haters are everywhere, and I suspect that most of them are Tea Party members or sympathizers. If I were an IRS agent, I would go after them in a heartbeat—not becuase of their politics—-which I do despise—but simply because people who have “tax hatred” as part of their core personality are logically the most likely people to risk cheating on their taxes. What the IRS did was not political. It was damn smart, and I applaud them for it. If a similar situation exists on the political left, I would support them going after the proponents there. If I had been Obama, I would have publicly supported and defended what the IRS did, even if I had had nothing to do with it.

    Obama either tucks his tail and runs from his critics or lays back and “chills out” too much. It will be his undoing if he does not quit it.

  4. I think/believe if one wants to ‘beat the religious horse’ that gets beaten to death by the Republicans who want it all and the attention center which an interviewer is given them, but get very offended when pointed out. Any interview like this just fuels the fire, makes more noise ‘not saying anything’. ‘Picking on someone’ who had no control about this, like Obama as to what went down, makes that person sound just as bad as those being interviewed. This is just fuel for the ‘Religious Comedy Center’ being more special than they actually are which you all above are contributing to..grow up! (voter, mother, grandmother, Vietnam veteran)