Perry’s Weekend Confab

The Texas Tribune this morning published what is the most complete account to date of what happened last weekend when Gov. Rick Perry traveled to Fredericksburg to attend a confab of social conservatives hosted by the so-called “sugar daddy” of the far right in Texas, Dr. James Leininger.

The gist of the story is Gov. Perry asked the 150 to 200 in attendance for their support, with a promise that they will not be embarrassed by anything in the governor’s past.

This was either Gov. Perry engaging potential supporters — with deep pockets — in a candid meeting, or, as the Tribune points out:

While job creation is the chief campaign message, winning evangelical voters is a major part of Perry’s nomination strategy. Polls show they make up some 40 percent of the electorate in some states, and social conservatives are expected to play a huge role in the outcome of the race in first-test Iowa, where Perry is giving native daughter Michele Bachmann a run for her money. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, an ordained minister, won the Iowa caucuses in 2008.

Or perhaps this gathering was just the after-party for The Response, where Gov. Perry formally announced broadcast the message to social conservative voters around the country that he was running for president one of them.

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