Perry Having Second Thoughts?

CNN is reporting that Gov. Rick Perry may not speak at the Christians-only prayer rally in Houston next month — the event he initiated.

Wait a minute. What?

The story speculates that criticism over the event — and its loony sponsors and speakers — might be getting to the presidential candidate governor. Maybe. It’s possible he is in the midst of a religious conversion that is making him respectful of religious pluralism and tolerance.

But it’s also possible that the governor is having a good, old fashioned political conversion, perhaps because at last report only 6,000 people have registered for the event (which will be held in the 71,000 seat Reliant Stadium) and 48 governors have said “no thank you” to his invitation to attend.

In any case, we’re pleased that Governor Perry is reconsidering his participation in this divisive event. And we should keep the pressure on. If you haven’t already, sign TFN’s open letter to the governor here.

7 thoughts on “Perry Having Second Thoughts?

  1. I think I signed it once. I signed it again.
    I wish I could personalize it. I’d write “Stick it.”
    All of this fundie hooey is a function of Perry’s duplicitous nature and his mis-governance of the state. I say, cut the head of the snake off. (politically)
    Just because we don’t have an actual recall provision on the books doesn’t mean we couldn’t mount a “Please resign”, campaign coupled with a referendum call for putting a recall provision in the state constitution. That would be Perry’s legacy.

  2. It might just be the case that GOP brinkmanship on the debt ceiling argument, has caused more people to back off from the brink of a real depression, a cascading disintegration of economic confidence of tailors, tinkers, sailors, and battleship makers. Perhaps there are some who are a bit concerned over the fact that Jesus won’t return until the US economy collapses, and the Tribulation begins.

    Some might be taking notice of the probable outcome of a Tea Party Administration that, in the words of Michele Bachman, use the role of Commander in Chief to straighten out the fiscal mess (created by the Congress). This unwarranted assumption that the Pentagon is the most capable agency to create a balanced budget, by stamping out Social Security and Medicare, plus other left leaning pet projects.

    As a Governor, Rick Perry might be having second thoughts about using the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to drive his rise to Fearless Leader status.

  3. Drats! Perry learned a bit too soon that Texas politics doesn’t translate nationally. Whether he attends or not, this is already looking like a big failure he can add to his resumé.

  4. Wow, Ricky has had another conversion, but it is too late, Guv, we already knew your were a wingnut, but now that the wind is blowing right back into your face, you want to back off of your own idioticy. I really hope that the letter I wrote you about the founder of your faith said NOT TO PRAY IN PUBLIC. But it is more probable that you realized that this is NOT the Christian country you thought it was: The United States of America is a pluralistic society, not the monotheistic, non-denominational church you thought it was. You are part of the hypocritical party that is trying to make the U.S. fall on their knees and pray to your god. Hey, bud, it ain’t going to happen.

  5. I think his handlers are worried sick about the possibility of Mr. Prayery being caught again saying “Adios, mofo” to some non-shill reporter. That was not exactly his most pious moment.

  6. The eye-opener behind the Response thingy is the zany teavangelical radicals he’s playing to now for the Jonestown Jehovah vote and $. We just have to make sure he drinks the Kool-aid he’s serving to others.

    So Ryan, I’m not so sure I want Perry to back out of this. I believe that once the videos of him facetiously pushing it all off on God go viral, he will be raptured to the “Also Ran” scrap heap of republican humdingers. He’ll have lost his first popularity contest, so he’ll stay here in Tex…

    Wait a minute… he’ll stay in Texas…
    Can I have a minute to rethink this?

    BTW, if you haven’t seen this yet…