Explaining Hate with Hate

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is mad. Really, really mad.

Ever since Monday when Gov. Rick Perry announced he would team with Fischer’s hate group for an all-day Christian prayer event in Houston, many, including the gang  here at TFN Insider, have pointed out just a few of the numerous odious things Fischer has said and the causes AFA has supported through the years.

Fischer took to his radio show Thursday to basically say, “I didn’t say all of those truly terrible things! I said these truly terrible things.”

Here is how Fischer tried to explain one of his most controversial comments: that gays caused the Holocaust.

The Nazi Party, ladies and gentlemen, was formed in a gay bar in Munich. And historians agree that Hitler’s earliest enforcers – the Stormtroopers, the Brownshirts – were almost, without exception, homosexuals. So it was homosexual thugs that helped Hitler to form the Nazi Party. In other words: no homosexual thugs, no homosexual Brownshirts, no homosexual Stormtroopers, no Nazi Party.

Courtesy of our friends at Right Wing Watch, here’s video of Fischer explaining himself.


Oh, we see now. Sorry, Mr. Fischer. Now that you’ve clarified it, it’s really difficult to think how anyone could think you blame gays for the Holocaust.

You can read more of Fischer’s “clarifications” here.

No matter how he spins it, Fischer’s comments remain hateful and divisive, which is why it’s troubling that earlier today Gov. Perry, through a spokesperson, continued to defend Fischer and the AFA.

TFN has prepared an open letter to Gov. Perry calling on him to respect people of all faiths and stop associating with a hate group. You can add your name to the letter by going to tfn.org/DearGovPerry.

6 thoughts on “Explaining Hate with Hate

  1. It is true that the leadership of the SA (Sturm Abteiling) aka :Brown Shirts included openly gay members. It is true that the SA put Hitler in power.

    It is also true that during the twenties, being gay in Germany had no political boundaries, with an outrageous gay night scene that continued in Berlin until the Fall of the Wall.

    It is also true that Hitler despised gays, and using that as an excuse plus clear evidence the the SA under it’s openly gay leader, Ernst Roehm was talking about another socialist revolution and of taking over the Wehrmacht, to launch the “night of the long knives” in which a thousand or more of Hitlers opponents were arresteed and executed without tiral. After that, in 1933, Hitler had being gay a capital offense … as in death penalrty.

    One the Final Sollution was cranked up, Gypsies and Gays wre added to Jews for special treatment in the Death Cqamps.

    There are whispers on the blogosphere that Hitler was a gay prostitute in Vienna before WW1. His tolerance of gays during the twenties was a pratical stance given the pervasiveneness of homosexualiy in post war GErmany

  2. Gordon may say some weird things from time-to-time, but I think the above is pretty much on target. However, I think most historians have concluded that Hitler was not gay. In addition, given that gay people are only a small proportion of any human population, I find it very hard to believe that nearly everyone involved in the Beer Hall Putsch was gay. I mean really. Only gay people would want to beat up Bolsheviks on the streets of Munich???!!! If that were the case, you would have to label the whole doggone Tea Party as gay today. Give me a break!!!! And using the American right wing’s own cherished stereotype of gay people, you seriously want to convince me that a brown-shirted army of consisting almost entirely of “limp-wristed sissies” lay waste to the streets of Munich?

    I got some swamp land in Arizona…

  3. I think there is a danger when our national political leaders not only associate with but adopt the views of crackpots.

    Only one of the following statements is true. You decide!

    1. Paul Revere rode through town on his Harley doing vodka shots and eating Ding-Dongs.
    2. Hitler’s favorite TV show was “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.”
    3. Sasquatch was sighted on 6th Street in Austin Friday night.

  4. Tricky One, Doc Bill. I do not know how many guys by the name of Paul Revere there are now in the US. Quite possible that one of these is a Harley-rding Ding-Dong lover. According to credible witnesses Hitler emigrated, opened a German restaurant and married the sex-changed Herrmann (now Hermi[o]ne) Göring. He also did some involuntary time travelling. No idea what his current TV habits are. If you mean Austin (Texas), then I seriously doubt the last one. Sasquatch would have been arrested as a hippie long before reaching that far South.

    What happens when the pottery barn rule is applied to crackpots?