Perry Campaign Aide’s Anti-Gay Smears

It looks like Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been staffing up for his soon-to-be-announced presidential campaign. The Texas Tribune reports that one expected member of the campaign’s press office is Robert Black, a former Texas Republican Party spokesman with a history of incendiary anti-gay statements.

In 1998 the Texas GOP barred Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican organization, from setting up a booth at the party’s state convention. (The state GOP also refused to allow the nonpartisan Texas Freedom Network to have a booth, by the way.) When asked to explain, Black — the party’s communications director at the time — called Log Cabin a “deviant group” and compared it to the Ku Klux Klan. And he didn’t stop there:

“We don’t allow pedophiles, transvestites and cross- dressers, either.”

Black was unapologetic and even dismissive of gay voters in a news article a few months later:

“Considering the traditional Republican principles against the homosexual lifestyle, we do not consider the gay vote to have that much of an effect on Republican politics.”

Perry should fit right in with other Perry associates. Last weekend Gov. Perry hosted a Christians-only prayer rally in Houston organized (at his request) by the American Family Association. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified AFA as a virulent anti-gay hate group. One of AFA’s spokesmen has even suggested that gay people were responsible for the Holocaust.

6 thoughts on “Perry Campaign Aide’s Anti-Gay Smears

  1. Well, thankfully that ignorant attitude is dying out. Every generation seems more tolerant than those that came before.
    Can I just point out one of the many, many, many hypocritical points from the GOP. They profess to be all about smaller government, less intrusion on everyone’s personal lives, but fully support DOMA. I know President Clinton instituted it but I thought we would be over gay bashing and making less ignorant statements, oh wait, I forgot who I was talking about for a minute…………….

  2. Speaking of bashing gay people, has anyone noticed that Rick Perry plans to make his official Perry for President announcement in South Carolina on Saturday. South Carolina. South Carolina. South Carolina. Fruitcake Central since 1861. The Mecca of goofy ideologies, hate your feller man, secession, historical racism, and Bob Jones University.

    Whoever is advising Perry is doing all the right things—just keep it up and he won’t even be able to win a job as Street Sweeper.

  3. Gay-bashing should help Perry in the Republican primaries.
    Especially since some of the Repub base has voiced suspicion after Guv Goodhair made some remark about states’ rights in regard to marriage laws.
    It will probably hurt in the general election, but I guess the Perry camp will cross that bridge when and if it comes to it.

  4. The Log Cabin Republicans IMHO are nothing more than masochistic. They’re like a Jew trying to join in with the neo-Nazis. They are not wanted in the Grand Obstruction Party and they are hated by the GOP. The Goofy Old Poops have not grown up yet and joined the intelligent among us who accept that some people are born gay and nothing in the world is going to change that, not even Bachman’s hubby. They still consider homosexuality to be a “life style.” That one I’ve never figured out.
    Gays caused the Holocaust, or as we Jews call it, the Shoah. Fascinating. Unabated hatred caused the Shoah, the kind of hatred that keeps the TeaPubliCANTS afloat.
    The Nazis gave the world a propaganda tool called the BIG LIE; TeaPubliCANTS use then all the time to make people think that what they say is the truth when they are lying through their teeth. You know how that works, just tell a big enough lie and repeat it endlessly and soon people will accept it as the truth. Thus the Greedy Oligarchy People think that by repeating that gays are this, that or the other, people will believe them…and they are, sadly, right.
    One of the new BIG LIES is that the Post Office has cost the U.S. taxpayers $8 billion dollars. Uhh, there is only one problem with that: The Post Office does not take a penny from the taxpayers. Not only that, but they made a huge profit last year that goes directly into the general treasury fund. So why are they fostering the BIG LIE? Because they want to privatize the PO which will cost us in the neighborhood of a buck or two to send a first-class letter. Let’s keep government lean and mean…but the Post Office IS NOT A PART OF THE GOVERNMENT ANYMORE, it is a separate entity from the government. But don’t tell that to a TeaPubliCANT, they can’t handle the truth.
    I have been talking with a Tea Party member who can take my positions without becoming a cry baby or calling me names. I like him even though we are poles apart politically. On most everything else, we agree.
    If you are fortunate enough to get some rain, for goodness sake, go out in it and let us all know what it like.

  5. Unfortunately, in the GOP gay-bashing is a net positive. And that’s doubly true in most of Texas, although not here in Austin. I keep hoping Governor Goodhair will resign to run, then get his head handed to him in the primary, so that both Texas and the US can get rid of him.

  6. 1toughlady has nailed it. It is sad that such is the truth in Texas. For some reason or another, the idiots in the TeaPubliCANT party seem to like Texas governors so well because…THEY LIE SO WELL. Yes, Gov Goodhair (GG) has brought in jobs but he neglects to say that the majority of those jobs do not pay a living wage, they are mostly minimum wage jobs. Yes, he brought in some high-tech jobs, but that is only that because the (beep) has kept taxes so low. Hurrah for GG! No, he keeps taxes so low that we’re in a $28 billion hole that is so deep that 45,000 teachers were canned, thus decreasing the quality of our kid’s learning curve. Oh, great and fearsome GG, when the late GREAT Ann Richards was in office, she had built up a SURPLUS which W almost immediately went through like a guinea pig through a leaf of lettuce.

    Also, the tech jobs have flocked here because of the very relaxed regulatory atmosphere. Putting it another way, greedy companies have come here so they could stuff the corporate pockets with more money. Oh, dang it, I keep forgetting that corporations are people; Romney and SCOTUS have said so.

    One other tiny, insignificant thing: Perry murdered at least one totally innocent man by having him executed even though there was proof that the victim of Perry’s rush to kill others, he kinda overlooked that little fact.

    I find it FASCINATING that the so-called “Right to Life” morons are the first in line to volunteer to push the buttons that start the death process in others. They loath gays and wish to kill them…yeah…KILL THEM simply because their itty-bitty-jerk of a god hates fags. My God LOVES his creation, all of it, including people who are not like others. Believe it or not, I have been told that I should stay home instead of being out in public because I am in a wheelchair. Only three people have told me that, because I’m disabled, they actually HATE me. I forgive them because they have to drag their knuckles when they walk and that’s got to hurt.

    Those “Right to Life” people are only concerned about the UNBORN. They callously say that life begins at conception. Right, so if we yank out a just fertilized egg, it can live on its own? Some women have abortions who shouldn’t because later on they come to regret it. I have no stats with which to back up that maybe .01% of all women who have had an abortion regret it to the point they need counseling afterward. That is a very insignificant number. I can’t prove it, but it is probably a pretty good guesstimate.

    I get a kick out of the number of people who can’t get pregnant. They’re called, in addition to other things I could call them, men. The reason they are so adamant that a woman not get an abortion is because it is another opportunity for them to lord it over women they don’t even know or care about. What kills me about those women who oppose abortion saying, “It’s only nine months…uh huh. I can’t help but wonder if any of them has ever had a child. I’m 70 and my children are still a part of me that won’t go away . I love ’em and would never have even thought about an abortion, but I’ve got one son who is going on 40 that I’d like to abort now from time-to-time. The state won’t let me .

    Lastly, those “Right to Lifers” flee the instant an unwanted child comes into the world. They won’t feed it, educate it, or give a damn about it because the child lived. They don’t care that unwanted children are often beaten and starved and otherwise abused. The only thing that is of any importance is that they got their way. And for that, I condemn them. I wonder how happy they are when the child is born gay? Do they love it then? Why not? They have a little song that goes, Jesus hates fags, this I know, for the bible tells me so…

    THEY are the immoral ones, not the LGBT people.