More About the Claims That Pro-Choice Advocates Brought Feces and Urine to the Texas Capitol…

by Dan Quinn

Remember our post about disputed claims that pro-choice advocates brought jars of feces and urine to the Texas Capitol earlier this month to protest legislation that could effectively ban abortion throughout much of the state? Religious-right groups and their legislative allies have used those claims to smear the citizens who went to the Capitol to support women’s access to reproductive health care services.

Reporters were unable to find any Department of Public Safety troopers at the time who said they saw people bringing jars of excrement to the Capitol. Even so, DPS officials sent out a news release saying that troopers did discover such items, but that the people who brought them to the Capitol voluntarily discarded them.

Well, reporters sent the DPS requests under the Texas open records law, asking for documents and other materials that led to the DPS news release. A writer for the Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News now reports that the DPS has asked the Texas Attorney General’s Office whether it has to comply with that request.