Mike Huckabee, Religious-Right Groups to Rally at the Texas Capitol on Monday

Fox News commentator and former Republican presidential candidate and Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee will join state and national religious-right groups at an anti-abortion rally set for this Monday evening (July 8) at the Texas Capitol in Austin.

The far-right Texas Pastor Council earlier today told its supporters by email that the “prayer rally” with Huckabee is set for 6:30 p.m. A Concerned Women for America email sets the rally time for 7 p.m. It’s unclear right now whether these are two separate events.

According to the CWA email, other speakers will include that group’s national leader, Penny Nance; former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, who is now with the Susan B. Anthony List, which supports anti-abortion candidates for office; Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of the reality show 19 Kids & Counting on the TLC channel; and “and other well-known national pro-life leaders.”

The rally’s organizers support proposed legislation that would effectively ban abortion in much of Texas. Opponents of that legislation as well as efforts to limit women’s access to family planning services, including birth control, rallied at the state Capitol last Monday.

UPDATE: We just saw a Texas Eagle Forum email noting Dr. Robert Jeffress, the controversial pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, is also on the speaker list for Monday’s rally. Among his incendiary comments over the years, Jeffress has attacked Islam as a “religion that promotes pedophilia,” suggested that President Obama is a Muslim and criticized Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his Mormon faith, calling Mormonism a “cult.” He has also argued that the Constitution allows the government to “demonstrate a preference for Christianity.”

28 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee, Religious-Right Groups to Rally at the Texas Capitol on Monday

  1. The Duggar family is creepy. They have a written rule that women must “explain your hairstyle to others on the basis of your submission to your authority”. They don’t believe in contraceptives, they’re not allowed to wear swimsuits or go to the beach. How on Earth does anyone want them deciding how other families or women are going to live?

    1. The German rules sound harder than they are in reality. The standards for ‘trying to convince’ are extremly lax and can consist of simply enumerating alternatives and information about child support options. The state has to ensure that neutral counselling is available everywhere. Germany, being smaller and having good affordable public transport even in rural areas, lacks a lot of problems there that plague the US. And since medical treatment is significantly cheaper than the purely profit-oriented US health system, the ‘pay yourself unless poor’ requirement is not an undue burden either. Oh, and the absence of murderous, organized ‘pro-lifers’ helps too. The merely harassing kind can be handled by the police (freedom of expression has at least some limits here and this is one of them).

  2. The USA needs to join the 21st century and adopt laws like the Europeans have governing how far along a patient can be before she has an elective abortion.

  3. Do you know who else was part of the “Quiverfull” movement? Andrea Yates, the woman who killed all of her children in a fit of post-partum psychosis/depression. She struggled with it off and on after each child, but her husband decided for them that they’d keep having children. That’s all I can think of any time I hear the Duggars get mentioned.

  4. Bradley – The USA needs to join the 21st century and adopt universal health care, comprehensive sex education, and free access to contraceptives like Europe. Then maybe you’d have an argument.

  5. Huckabee should keep his Faux News nose out of Texas’ business. Same for the Duggers. Instead of breeding so much that the new ones don’t make it to term, why don’t they accept some of God’s children through adoption.

  6. It’s good, really. This is the Year of The Snake…which means overturning current power systems. The process is disruptive and looks dangerous, but the outcome will be positive. It needed to happen, and now it is.

  7. So, they bring in a preacher and a fundy family whose matriarch manipulates her fertility cycles so she is constantly pregnant, and has almost died during her last several pregnancies. And this isn’t about religion. Got it.

  8. On a very serious Christian fundamentalist talk show on cable TV tonight, they had a guest with an adult skull of a child who had been cradleboarded in the ancientAmerican southeast or Peru. It was a very common practice. We archaeologists know all about it.

    Well, this idiot on the show was claiming that the Nephelim in the Old Testament were a race of evil supermen and superwomen that were created when the fallen angels that were cast out of heaven and onto the Earth mated with human women. God killed everyone in Sodom and Gamorrah because the entire populations of both towns were these grownup Nephelim children with supernatural evil powers (kind of like Hercules on crack cocaine and meth I suppose). Well, a few of these Nephelim were able to escape before God smited the two towns. They reproduced, left the Judean area, and migrated across the Bering Strait to North America and became the mound builders of the eastern United States. So, the ancient mounds of the east were not built by ancient Native Americans. They were actually built by a race of supernatural beings that were the children of fallen angels (demons). Their severely deformed-looking crania were not a result of cradleboarding, as stupid archaeologists like me have figured out. Instead, these unusual crania are the natural genetic result that you get from inbreeding between a demon and a human female.

    I cannot wait to inform the Smithsonian about this great Christian fundamentalist discovery in archaeological science. This is what we are up against folks. Ignorance Incorporated.

  9. Religious right whack jobs like Huckabee and others of his ilk sure make it hard for humble, devout Christians. They are quite simply fascists.