Separated at Birth

Has anyone ever seen the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and Dallas First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress together in the same room at the same time? No, I’m not implying that one is Clark Kent and that the other is Superman. What I’m saying is, well, this:

“Because my argument all along has been that the purpose of the First Amendment is to protect the free exercise of the Christian
religion.” — Bryan Fischer

“However, the fact that our Constitution demands that everyone have the freedom to embrace any religious beliefs, or no religious beliefs, does not mean that the government cannot demonstrate a preference for Christianity.” — Robert Jeffress


The similarities don’t stop at claiming the First Amendment is for Christians only. Both men have called Mormonism a cult. Both are also virulently anti-Islam and anti-gay. And both are pro-Gov. Rick Perry. Really, they’re the same guy except one has a congregation and the other has radio listeners. Oh, and we still don’t know how Jeffress feels about bears, so we may have another difference there.

And to put any doubts to rest, here they are in the same room together going after Mitt Romney and Mormonism. So, no, neither one is Superman:


The point is this: Many may have been surprised by Jeffress’ endorsement of Gov. Perry and appalled at the pastor’s extremist rhetoric. In reality, Jeffress is just the latest from the far right to embrace Gov. Perry, with Perry only more than happy to embrace that person right back.

9 thoughts on “Separated at Birth

  1. Everything Jeffress said was true—but only within the limited lines of the verbal fence he put around it. The most important thing that he forgot to say is what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes said:

    “The constitution is what the justices say it is.”

    Madison and the whole Philadelphia Gang gave the justices full authority to make that determination—and the determination that they made is that they do not give a flying *&%$ what Pastor Jeffress thinks it is—and they are correct in that determination.

  2. Well, finally, Romney and I agree on something: Jeffress is a moron. In fact, I’ll promote him to Moron First Class.

    Yes, Moron Jeffress, the framers of the Constitution specified “establishment of religion” because they just couldn’t find the words to write “establishment of any single Christian sect.” Yes, that must be it.

    Just like Jeffress calling the LDS church a “cult” when he meant, darn, just couldn’t find the words, “theological cult” because Mormonism is only a hundred years old where is Christianity is 1800 years old. So, I guess, by biblical historian and Constitutional law expert Jeffress own definition, Christianity was a “theological cult” 1700 years ago.

    Classic Dunning-Kruger case.

    But, on a more serious note, Jeffress being only a temporary, amusing sideshow of a much larger circus that the GOP has become, is Perry so clueless that he can surround himself overtly with these bigots and morons and nobody question his judgment? Or does Perry think the wingnut voter base is so large that it could carry the election?

  3. Listen to what Moron Jeffress says around the 7 minute mark if you can stand it. I had to skip through before my ears started to bleed. Jeffress says, and I sort of quote, “America has always preferred the Christian religion above all other impostor religions.”

    What? “Impostor religions?” Really, Jeffress, really? And, Moron Jeffress, your vision of America differs from Iran just how?

  4. A preference for or against any given religion as a matter of state qualifications is clearly prohibited in the main body of the Constitution (Article 6, paragraph 3) and which applies to the states, well before the First Amendment was passed. The phrase is “no religious test” for office.

    “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

    So long as the voters can exercise such preference is the right of the voters, but not that of the state in the establishment of officers or of theri selection. The underlying reason for a statement of religious test was that each coloney had it’s own religious tests but that one’s test was another’s death sentence.

    What the Righteous Right is promising to their Faithful Followers is something that can’t be delivered so long as there are the Judges in black robes. See plan A.

  5. Weren’t all of the mainstream religions cults early on? At what age or size does a cult grow up and become a denomination? Actually, I don’t really care – they are all superstitious nonsense. And, is Mormonism actually any sillier than the others? Seriously, a wafer becomes the actual body of someone who died 2,000 years ago?

  6. der Brat, those elements within the Christian faith who actually believe that flour and water magically become the actual flesh of a man who has been decease for 2K years are cannibals. If that makes them uncomfortable, that’s their look out. Once again, the nuts within the faith tear out a few words from their bible and say, “That’s the truth” when it is nothing of the sort.

    My religion, Judaism ( it is Juda ism, not Judy ism, I don’t know who Judy was ) does not teach that you must be a Jew to qualify to get to the world to come. Anyone who keeps the seven Noahide laws (Google the term) have just as much a right to the life to come as any other person. Jews have 617 commandments to keep, non-Jews have only seven.

    Who gave the Southern Baptist Convention THE TRUTH? ONLY they have the real Jesus and the real faith? No, they have the true hatred and bigotry, neither of which was ordered by Jesus or Paul. Jesus said that you would know his followers by their love, not their hate. Somewhere along the line, people like the two that are being refereed to, turned to hate and bigotry.

    I was born with a birth defect that causes me to spontaneously bleed through my arms, legs and trunk. It is a genetic defect I got from my dear old dad. If you ever see me, you will find bruises on my arms and trunk of my body. Since I’m 70 and considered “elderly” by the medical people, they think I have been abused by my sister or niece with whom I live. It is known as Psoriasis. I’ve got two forms of it. It is not a skin disease and cannot be “caught” by another person. I wonder if either or both of those nuts would say that I have chosen the “life style” of a person with Psoriasis.

    Yup, I sure did. I said, “I want to have people look at me and see them back off from me because it looks like I just got out of a fight. I would like to be refused to get a decent hair cut because my scalp is covered with scales. That goes with the “life style.” Oh, and I want to have capillaries burst under my skin and have blood drip from the injured part of my skin.

    That is what they think homosexuality is, a “life style” that one chooses. Born again Christians are NEVER homosexuals and please, let us not even consider what a transgendered person has to go through to adopt a new “life style.”

    They are scared little people who must have someone to hate so they can love Jesus who they are certain hates homosexuals and the transgendered.

    They want ONLY a committed Christian to run for any offices in the land when the Constitution clearly states that the Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. In case you would like to read it yourself, it is in Article VI.

    I do not hate those fellas, I just hope that someday before they die they will wake up and realize how wrong they have been. But I doubt that will ever happen; they are both too pompous and cocksure of themselves to ever have that happen.

  7. With all these newfangled methods of photo and film manipulation (this is the 19th century, isn’t it?) I do not accept that last picture/vid as proof 😉
    I despise the likes of Fischer and Jeffress but as far as the foundations of Mormonism go, I think they are basically right in a pure descriptive sense. Pure and unintended accident, I am sure.
    Hey, I even agree with the despicable Donahue that the attacks by the likes of Jeffress are unjustified.
    Too much agreement with the loathsome for my self-respecta dn sound sleep.