Is Gov. Perry Still ‘Deeply Honored’?

When we read Cathie Adams’ e-mail comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler for addressing students across the country in a speech yesterday, we recalled that Adams has endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for re-election. Gov. Perry’s campaign issued a press release on Aug. 21 announcing the endorsement from Adams, who heads the far-right Texas Eagle Forum:

“I am deeply honored to receive Cathie’s endorsement. Her efforts to defend life and family in Texas surpass all and I look forward to working with her on these important issues so we can continue to ensure Texas’ strength well into the future.”

In her e-mail late Saturday, Adams said the speech from our nation’s president about students working hard and staying in school was “eerily like Hilter’s youth movement.” Most conservatives are now pulling back from their absurd criticism of the speech, but Adams isn’t. Today she forwarded to her list an e-mail in which Phyllis Schlafly, the national head of Eagle Forum, accuses the Obama administration of trying to “brainwash” America’s children and turn them into “Obama’s servants.”

Still “deeply honored” by an extremist’s endorsement, Gov. Perry?

4 thoughts on “Is Gov. Perry Still ‘Deeply Honored’?

  1. I still can’t think of a reason why “brainwashing” kids into studying hard and staying in school is such a bad thing. Again I say that, apparently, the RR wants their kids instead to be slackers and drop out of school. That’s the ideal plan; illiterate people are so much easier to indoctrinate – which is exactly what the RR wants.

  2. I watched the speech and really enjoyed it. Kids benefit from the message and can identify with what he’s telling them. The speech had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with inspiring kids to try hard and know even with problems in their life, not liking classes, or just having regular interests (like sports not history) doesn’t mean you can’t achieve whatever you want if you’re willing to work. That’s an important message for kids. I think the people who are upset about the speech make me think they are threatened by him connecting with their kids and having solid credibility, not the message itself.