In Defense of Ignorance?

Did you miss our live-blogging of the Texas House Public Education Committee hearing on reforming sexuality education in the state with the nation’s third-highest teen birth rate? Well, we offer this gem from Kyleen Wright of the Texans for Life Coalition, which insists on abstinence-only-until-marriage education in public schools:

9:49 – Wright: “You offend parents far less by giving less information than (by) giving (teens) more.” 

Good grief. We can’t remember a more absurd argument for keeping teens ignorant.

6 thoughts on “In Defense of Ignorance?

  1. You know what we really ought to be doing here? On the issue of abortion, social conservatives argue that the rights of the child outweigh the rights of the parent. We really ought to be arguing that if that is the case, those rights shouldn’t end at birth.

  2. “9:40 – Kelly Wilson, co-author of the TFN Education Fund report and an assistant professor of health education at Texas State University-San Marcos, is also testifying in support of Rep. Villarreal’s bill. She offers some examples of nonsense her study found being taught in sexuality education programs. (Example: sexually, men are like microwaves that heat up quickly, while women are like crockpots that take a while longer.)”

    The right-wing sex experts have obviously never met my old girlfriends from long ago or my wife. You could have fried an egg on all of them inside 3 minutes.

    These people must have all married frigid people—or they really are nitwits!!!! I vote the latter.

  3. What if the kids never get married? Does she expect them to abstain from sex and be virgins their whole lives?

  4. I dislike having to repeat myself, but this looks like a good time to do it. By their (Christian Neo-Fundamentalists) own admission behind closed doors, the primary purpose of abstinence only sex education is SIN PREVENTION. It is that simple. Avoiding pregnancy is just a beneficial side effect. However, they will never tell the general public this because it reflects badly on them. In reality, it is just them being two-faced liars like they are on creation science and so many other things.

  5. Charles is right. I’ve always thought that the true Christian Fundamentalist purpose behind abstinence-only sex education is to make sure young girls are punished for engaging in sexual intercourse outside of marriage. Why else keep them ignorant. Abstinence-only sex education explains the authoritarian Fundamentalist desire to see divine punishment on Earth, but doesn’t explain their hatred for teenage and unmarried young women.