Hypocrisy and Cathie Adams

Remember when we warned you about the extremist politics of Cathie Adams? When the former head of the far-right Texas Eagle Forum was named chair of the Texas Republican Party last fall, we noted her shameful attacks in the past on President Obama’s faith, Hispanic immigrants and former Texas Gov. Ann Richards. Now she’s got the Texas GOP, in an e-mail to activists today, charging that congressional Democrats are violating the Constitution if they use a specific parliamentary maneuver to pass health care reform in the U.S. House. Problem for Adams’ and the other folks at the Texas GOP: Republicans used the same procedure to pass legislation 35 times the last time they controlled Congress in 2005-06. Oops.

TFN has no position on health care reform legislation pending in Congress, but we have noted the hysterical attacks from the far right. So here’s some unsolicited advice for Adams: if you’re going to accuse someone of breaking the law (or worse, violating the Constitution), make sure your own side hasn’t done the same thing numerous times. Otherwise, you’ll get a reputation for problems with hypocrisy. Just sayin’.

24 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and Cathie Adams

  1. Can you clarify please? Were the Republicans attempting to take over 1/6th of the United States economy back in 2006 when you say that they used this obscure parliamentary procedure? Were they pushing for a massive socialist state?

    It’s not so much the method of Pelosi’s move that’s got those of us who support freedom and liberty so upset. Although, that does kinda suck too. It’s the objective of the Obama/Democrat socialist/fascists attempting to completely destroy our free entperise system, and institute massive taxation on the populous.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher
    Libertarian Republican

    1. Eric,
      You’ll have to take up your argument with someone else. The point of the post wasn’t the merits of health care reform. The point was about hypocrisy. The Texas GOP e-mail specifically criticizes a parliamentary tactic Republicans have used themselves many times in the past. It’s the kind of thing we have come to expect from Ms. Adams. We’re not going to debate health care reform with you.

  2. Its obvious that some people do not understand the definition of words. A socialist is on the left of the political spectrum. A fascist is on the right of the political spectrum. It is physically impossible for one administration to be both socialist and fascist at the same time. In my humble opinion. Unfortunately, if we do not educate social studies students as to the true meaning of words, more people will make the same mistake.

  3. Yes. Cathie always seems to be doing some sort of fruitcake thing like that. However, I suppose if your primary purpose is to get the candied cherries and pineapple in your equally fruitcake base all quivering and vibrating, saying stupid stuff is one way to do it. If I recall correctly, the Republicans used some aspect of reconciliation to pass their huge Medicare drugs for the elderly bill that was never paid for but just added to the federal budget deficit.

    I have excellent private health care insurance right now, but I am looking forward to the day when I can give it up. Nothing would make me happier than seeing the utter destruction of every private health insurance company in the United States and just watching the look on Karen Ignagni’s face as she heads to the unemployment line. I am looking forward to the day when we have a single-payer, government-based health care system similar to the ones in Germany, Japan, and Taiwan. That will not come with the current Democratic bill, but it is another step in that direction, which is probably another evolutionary step or two away. I will be on Medicare by that time, so I will never see it or benefit from it. However, people I know in the health care industry tell me its coming is inevitable because nothing else will work in the long run. The current insurance company resistance is just another attempt to squeeze out big short-term profits before the bottom drops out irretrievably.

    Personally, I like the U.S. government taking over the health care system—even if it is 1/6 of the economy. They have never done anything to hurt me that I really cared anything about except the Viet-Nam War and Watergate. I bet Eric Dondero thinks some federal bureaucrat will one day look at his Libertarian website and turn down his vitally needed liver transplant because his politics are all wrong. Works for me. Good luck Eric and have a nice life.

  4. Biokid, the problem is that you’re thinking Pre-9/11. Everything’s changed now. And Jonah Goldberg provided incontrovertible proof that Fascism is a lefty-kinda thing, thus the left is plain evil. Facts? Hey, rhetoric was good enough for Reagan, so it sure oughta be good enough for today’s Republicans.

    Oh, and I firmly disagree with TFN’s assertion about Ms. Adams; She has shown repeatedly that she has no problem at all with hypocrisy. I await your retraction.

  5. Well said, Biokid.

    Americans who misuse and abuse the word “socialist” fail to recognize that police and fire and highway departments provide the same kind of nationwide police and fire protection in every community that national health care would provide to all Americans in every community. I have Medicare, which covers all over 65 now, no one drops out of Medicare, because it works, and national health care would provide the same care for every American citizen, just as Jesus would do when people are sick, poor, and in need. To assert “socialism” used for all and by all, paid by taxes upon all, is as American as we can be. Yet, today, under our current system, millions of citizens are not covered for health, unlike most of the major democratic nations in the modern world. Instead, we make poor Americans go to the emergency room or let them go bankrupt and just die. Shame on us all for not having national health care. Let’s talk about America and the kind of nation which we should be. The national Catholic Hospital Association supports national health care, and so do I because it is the right thing to do in the greatest free nation in the world. By the way, I spent my time in Korea and four and a half years on active duty with the U.S. Marines, so I suggest the opponents of national health care owe an apology to everyone whom they accuse of being unpatriotic. In my opinion, they are on the wrong side of what America is about.

  6. Ben. Not only are you an atheist, you appear to be the devil himself. “Hey Eric, was Nixon a socialist?” I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ben,

    I am always amazed at the number of grossly misinfomed people that are against health insurance reform, such as yourself. The level of misinformation and ignorance is such that I don’t even try to correct it anymore.

    So I usually just ask a few simple questions. What are you going to do tomorrow for healthcare when your employer lays you off? Can you afford COBRA and for how long? Can you get another job with health benefits and how long will it take? Have you priced a private insurance policy and can you qualify for it? Do you have a preexisting condition? How would you like to lose your coverage while being treated for a serious ongoing medical problem?

    Currently we have about 45 Million uninsured and about another 45 Million underinsured. So nearly 1/3 of Americans have either too little or no health insurance.

    Healthcare costs are the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy in America today.

    The cost of the uninsured to society is far greater than the cost of providing them insurance. They don’t get preventive care, so when they are sick it is expensive and the taxpayer picks up the emergency room bill.

    The US spends twice per capaita on healthcare than the average of the rest of the industrialized world. The money is obviously there to cover everyone, it is just misallocated and wasted. All other industrilaized countries have figured out how to cover its citizens except America.

    American business spends an average of $14,000 per employee on healthcare. Cost is expected to double in 5-7 years to $28,000 per employee. Obviously, its not affordable and businesses will drop coverage, cut back care, and shift more cost to the employee. And the employee can’t afford the cost either. In less than 10 years we could easily see a crisis where the middle class effectively has no health insurance.

    So when you find yourself sick and without coverage, just accept your fate and die, for to do otherwise may run counter to your ideology.

    One last thing, you need to ask yourself why, according to the UN, World Health Organization, and the CIA Factbook, Americans have a higher infant mortality and higher overall mortality and shorter life span than CUBA!. Yes, CUBA! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_death_rate

  8. Eric tries to mislead everyone with erroneous Republican talking points just as Cathie Adams does. First about half of US health care is funded by the government already through Medicare, Medicaid, and VA. So that leaves 1/12 of the economy. However, at least half of that is provided by large employers and it is tightly regulated by the Feds. That leaves 1/24. If we paid the same as Canada then we would be paying half as much and have better healthcare. For 1/48 I can find enough to pay for Eric’s mental health policy in my coffee change (maybe I can get away with a little exageration, too).

  9. Hey, I’ll throw in a couple bucks too.

    I’ve had more than a few conservatives go absolutely nuts when I tell them, truthfully, that I’d be happy to pay more in taxes in order that the safety net is available to those who need it.

  10. Health Care, Reconciliation, and “Deeming”

    This would be a good context to bring up the subject of Thomas Jefferson and something “really bad and illegal” that he did. Yep. This actually happened. Do you folks remember the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the United States for just a few million dollars in pocket change? I cannot go into all of the fine details here. Suffice it to say this. Thomas Jefferson, as President of the United States, did not have the constitutional authority necessary to purchase this land from France. In addition, he had no front end appropriation from Congress to use for the purchase. Basically, it was like stealing mom’s VISA card from her wallet, going down to the computer store, and buying yourself a fancy new HP computer. Jefferson new it was patently illegal going into it and is on the historical record as clearly, unequivocally, and shamelessly admitting that he thought it was illegal. And it was. Point made.

    He went ahead and did it anyway because he knew that doing so would prevent a war with France and avoid establishment of a Napoleonic empire on the North American continent. But MOST OF ALL, he did it because he knew it would be to the great advantage of the nation and its future to obtain so much land and many resources for so little a price. As a parent says to a child, “You may not like it, but it is for your own good.” It was what Vito Corleone would have called “An offer he couldn’t refuse.” Jefferson did it for you and me, it worked out great, and the value of what was obtained was much greater than 1/6 of the economy of the United States.

    My Point: There is an American precedent for something like health care reform and it was carried out illegally by one of the greatest of all Americans. The Obama heallth care plan is entirely legal and constitutional. Votes were taken in both houses of Congress, and it passed. Reconciliation, deeming, and so forth are all perfectly legal mechanisms that have been used numerous times by both political parties in American history. What Jefferson did was illegal and good for the country. The Obama healthcare plan is both legal AND good for the country. Ignorant and uninformed people may not like it right now, like the spoiled dunce children that they are, but it will be good for them in the long run just like the Louisiana Purchase. In a representaive republic, it is sometimes necessary for representatives to take the action necessary to save the country, even when a majority may dislike it at the time. However, when people finally understand the content of the passed health care bill and how it benefits them, they will like it. They may even be amazed. And in that moment of realization, they will then understand how the insurance companies and crooked Republican/Libertarian politicians were lying to them and trying to deceive them. Then—there will be Hell to pay.

  11. PHarvey correctly wrote: “American business spends an average of $14,000 per employee on healthcare. Cost is expected to double in 5-7 years to $28,000 per employee. Obviously, its not affordable and businesses will drop coverage, cut back care, and shift more cost to the employee. And the employee can’t afford the cost either. In less than 10 years we could easily see a crisis where the middle class effectively has no health insurance.”

    This is exactly why I can’t understand why conservatives are so opposed to Single Payer. If health care were “taken over” by the government, businesses would be relieved of that burden. It would be a win/win/win situtation.

    Beats the s***t out of me that they are incapable of grasping this elementary concept.

  12. Cytocop, that is my point exactly.

    Republicans normally look out for business interests. Why are Republicans supportive of employer provided health insurance when it is such a burden? I am puzzled as to why Republicans are not advocating getting rid of employer provided health insurance altogether. It would lower business costs, increase capital investment, make goods and services more competitive worldwide, increase hiring, and decrease unemployment.

    Fixing the healthcare system, and getting employers out of the business of providing healthcare, will unleash a large round of economic growth. Many people are stuck in a job strickly because it has health insurance. If this were fixed, more people could change jobs and start businesses. Resources could more readily flow to where they are needed. Business would expand.

    The Republicans are skitzo on this issue.

  13. Conservatives would rather pay $100 more a month on their insurance premiums than pay $100 more a year on their taxes. They don’t associate the difference between the two. A pregnant woman would be more likely to give birth if she had insurance. Conservatives are pro-life (actually pro-birth) but they don’t want univeral health care for all children and pregnant women. They don’t care about children after they are born. They are like deadbeat dads. They want more children to be born, but don’t want to help raise them. Next thing you know they will be complaining about the cost of local schools.

  14. Cytcop, PHarvey, and roberts are right. However, there is another major factor. The base of the Republican Party and most elected Republicans (as a result of that) are extreme right wing crazies—a complete departure from the past when the party was dominated by sensible, moderate people.

    For example, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee is a classic moderate Republic with liberal-leaning tendencies. I know a lot about this guy from having followed him, his family, and his friends for years. These Republican extremist crazies that dominate that party have intimidated him into a closet and stripped him down to look just like Mitch McConnell, whereas I know he is not that way from having followed him for so many years. It bothers to see him behave the way he is these days—because it is just not him. I feel the need for people to behave in accordance with the person they truly are deep down inside, so I am going to say it for all of conservative Texas to see:


  15. I think the insurance lobby is better organized and paying more to keep their scam going than the other companies are willing to contribute to lower health insurance costs. Maybe they are looking for a way to offload the costs to the employees or just stop providing health insurance all together.

  16. Whatever Sen Alexander is inside is irrelevent. What people DO is what counts, and he votes with the right wing nuts. In fact, isn’t he one of the “deathers”?

    Robert Bohmfalk is right: Republicans care about babies only up to the nanosecond they pop out of the womb. Once they’re out, they couldn’t care less about them.

    Repubniks are not only skitzo; I’m convinced they are retarded – which actually is an unintentional slam against retarded people. Retarded people are not vicious, cruel, or malicious. Republicans are. If they get their way – and they ARE getting their way – within our lifetimes America will be Dickensian England resurrected.

  17. No Cytocop. I’m looking at it like the SS guy in the movie “Inglourious Basterds.” Someone like him in the Republican Party has no doubt been charged with identifying closet moderate Republicans who are outwardly loyal to the Reich but are inwardly capable of undermining it with left-wing treason. Lamar Alexander is one of those people. There is no doubt about it. It is beyond question if you look at his history. He is even a tree hugger.

    He deserves to be purged because his current actions are not consistent with who he really is as a person. The Republican Party needs to protect itself by purging him from their ranks and replacing him with someone who is a total lunatic. The only hope for the United States is to see the Republican Party go totally lunatic. On a scale of 1 to 100, they are already at about 96. All they need is 4 more points. Then they will start doing totally stupid stuff such that the groundhogs in my neighborhood will never vote for them.

    Well, that’s my theory Cytocop. If you have not seen “Inglouriou Basterds,” it’s a “what if” Jewish revenge against the Nazis fantasy. It’s not recommended for kids—violent—a bit dark—but cinematically very artful. It.s out on DVD right now. As for the Brad Pitt character, I went to college with about 30,000 of him. I know him well. Spent a lot of time with him in the dorm.

  18. Socialism?

    Is government run police and fire and water and trash policy socialism? Government does many things for the people, all paid for by tax money from citizens. Health care for every American is not distinguished from any other service government should provide with our tax dollars. Our government build roads for everyone to use. The issue is about what can be done for the good of all Americans. Health care is just as important as national defense. Thousands of Americans die annually due to lack of adequate medicare because they do not have money for insurance or because the insurance company will not cover them due to various profit making reasons. We send American tax money to Haiti to help those in need? We can spend money on Americans who also need help. If fact, it is our duty to help one another. So, arguments about “socialism” are ridiculous. Government exists to help all the people, not just the profit making insurance fat cat insurance companies. Get on the right side of the issue!

  19. I haven’t seen Inglorious Basterds, if only because the deliberate misspelling of ‘bastards’ bothers me. But I’ve heard it’s good; in fact, I’ve not heard one negative review of it so I really ought to see it.

    If Sen. Alexander is not Republican at heart then he ought to show some balls and start ACTING like it. If he is only masquerading as Republican, then how genuine and honest is he? Is he not his own person? Is he totally subservient to his chosen party like a mindless Borg? What kind of stand-up kinda guy is he?

    It’s not enough that the Republican Party is “going totally lunatic.” It is. But plenty of people still vote for it. (In fact, watch for a Republican tsunami in November and Gov Perry win in a landslide). That is what totally scares the s**t out of me.