Houston TV Station Cuts Through the anti-HERO Spin

The organized opposition to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance has spent months spreading fear and misinformation. In fact, the Houston Chronicle editorial board, in endorsing a “Yes” vote on the ordinance, recently referred to the group as “mendacious, deceitful and irresponsible in the extreme.” Yikes.

Last night, it was Houston TV station KTRK’s turn to cut through the spin and take an objective look at the ordinance and, in the process, reporter Ted Oberg debunked the absurd claims and scare tactics of HERO opponents.

Watch the full report below. And if you’re a Houstonian, support HERO by voting YES on Proposition 1 on November 3.

One thought on “Houston TV Station Cuts Through the anti-HERO Spin

  1. The supposed attack against Christianity is being caused by Christians themselves.
    To the best of my knowledge, ONLY Christian groups are opposed to HERO.
    Their bigotry is well-known and they do not even try to hide their hatred for anyone who is not them.
    Question: How is Radical Christianity any different from Radical Islam?
    Answer: None.