Houston RR Group Says Supporters of Equal Rights Ordinance Are 'Enemies of God'

The leaders of the venomously anti-gay Houston Area Pastor Council want to make something perfectly clear: if you disagree with them, then you are an enemy of God.

In an email to supporters last week promoting another pro-discrimination public event, the HAPC explained why it wants to repeal Houston’s new Equal Rights Ordinance. HERO bars discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, military status and other characteristics. But HAPC’s leaders think equality is anti-God:

Houston is being closely observed across the nation because of our boldness and unfaltering resilience in facing the enemies of our God to restore justice and Godly morals in government! Remember, we are fighting this ordinance because we collectively failed to elect a mayor and council majority who respect God’s law or even have a guiding moral compass. Never again on our watch…!

The anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people really have the folks at HAPC upset. But don’t forget that at least some of them think discriminating against anyone — including Jews — in public life should be legal if it’s done for personal religious reasons.

4 thoughts on “Houston RR Group Says Supporters of Equal Rights Ordinance Are 'Enemies of God'

  1. It’s sad that so many people are so easily swayed by the RR. All the RR has to do is tell people that “God wants this” or “God wants that,” and they fall for it. The gullibility is astounding! When are people going to wake up to that crap and tell these preachers to buzz off?

  2. I was raised hearing this type of BS. Somewhere along the way I matured (grew up!) sufficiently to understand the unmitigated hatred of these people. Hope they do get this back on the ballot. We’ll see about that “never again on our watch” meme they trust so faithfully.

  3. Here is what sensible Christians need to remember about the Religious Right. Just as every country and culture on Earth has thieves and murderers, every country also has people who would gladly come together to form their own homegrown version of the Taliban, ISIS, or Al Qaeda. The Religious Right contains such people here in the United States, and anyone who disagrees with them is immediately defined as an enemy of God. It does not matter who you are or what your Christian, non-Christian, or nonreligious religious affiliation is, you are still an enemy of God. John Dominic Crossan will now explain to you how such people tend to think and arrive at their “enemy of God” position and the scary place that kind of thinking inevitably leads to: