Governor Names Cargill as SBOE Chair

Gov. Rick Perry announces his choice for SBOE chair — Barbara Cargill, R-The Woodlands.

TFN just released the following statement:


Governor’s Third Appointment of Board ‘Culture Warrior’ Ensures Continuing Political Battles


July 1, 2011

The Texas Freedom Network is releasing the following statement from TFN Communications Director Dan Quinn regarding Gov. Rick Perry’s appointment of Barbara Cargill as chair of the State Board of Education. Cargill is the third member of the state board’s faction of social conservatives who Gov. Perry has chosen to chair the board. The governor’s two previous appointees, Don McLeroy and Gail Lowe, failed to gain Senate confirmation because of their repeated efforts to drag Texas public schools into the nation’s divisive culture wars. Quinn said:

“Strike three for Gov. Perry. Once again, he is putting politics ahead of the education of Texas students by installing an ideologue in the chairman’s seat. Just like the governor’s two previous appointees as chair, Ms. Cargill has worked since her election to the board to promote her own personal beliefs rather than facts and sound scholarship in our kids’ classrooms. In fact, she even succeeded in censoring the scientific consensus on the age of the universe from the state’s science standards. And she helped politicize new social studies standards by appointing an unqualified conservative evangelical minister as a so-called ‘expert’ adviser simply because his personal ideology matched her own. Because the Senate can’t act on this nomination until 2013, the governor has single-handedly ensured that the state board will continue to be a divisive and embarrassing battleground in the nation’s culture wars for the next two years.”


Late on a Friday just before a holiday weekend… So not only is it too late for the Senate to confirm Ms. Cargill; this announcement is also likely to escape much vetting in the media. Hmmm. It’s almost like the governor doesn’t want people to scrutinize his choice.

We’ll obviously have much more to say about this next week — especially Ms. Cargill’s science credentials (here’s a tease: did you know she runs a religious “science camp” for kids in The Woodlands?). But until then, check out the history of Cargill’s run ins with TFN Insider over the years.

And have a great Independence Day everyone.

9 thoughts on “Governor Names Cargill as SBOE Chair

  1. Babs Cargill. What a thrill but so disappointing.

    I had hoped that Terri Leo would get the nod so I could observe the contorted facial expressions and the “snittiness” towards citizen speakers. You know—the lower forms of human life that know what a circus the Texas SBOE is and have enough courage to speak out against this travesty.

    Terri Leo. Drama queen.

  2. Does she call that a “Science Camp”? It is full time religion, with no science allowed, according to her website. A real kindergarten level joke!

  3. Get real, Dan Quinn, you know every Liberal on the Texas SBOE would try to advance a … LIBERAL AGENDA … . It’s called … POLITICS … .

  4. Joseph. Can you please identify for me what a liberal agenda is in an American history classroom? What are its characteristics—and cite a couple of examples for me?

  5. OMG! Joseph, I mean this in a nice way, but have you consulted with a mental health professional recently? The SBOE–although I would rearrange some of those letters–they are as CONSERVATIVE as they can get. In fact members of the Religious Far WRONG!

    They are trying to make certain that our kids will not learn about evolution because the dunderheads still believe that the earth is only six thousand years old. The Big Bang, to them, means two cars colliding. I sometimes believe that they believe the earth is flat!

    They are anti-science, anti-common sense, and anti-anything that does not reflect their absurd religious positions. Absurd? Yes. They read their bibles LITERALLY and that is something that cannot be done, yet. The best word I can use for them is Luddites (are Luddites? It’s been fifty-two years since high school).

    Perry is a murderer. Why? Because he was in such a hurry to execute a man who was innocent that he murdered him just before he was exonerated. The Xian Conservatives LOVE this miserable excuse of a human being. The fact that he has increased taxes on small businesses, is playing games with the State’s budgets by slipping education money from one fiscal year to another… He does not do what his religion’s founder said, Jesus said, in Matthew six, NOT TO PRAY IN PUBLIC. Yeah…so he is going to have a Xian prayer day. Other religions not invited.

    Bush once had a “Jesus Day” in Texas. Forget that a good chunk of people in TX are NOT Xians. Xians think they own this country, THEY DO NOT!

    I am so grateful for the Texas Freedom Network that it is impossible to express how much because I’m finally below the poverty level.

    One last thing. The RepubliCANTS want to force the United States to default on its obligations. THE FIRST THING TO GO WILL BE SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, SSD, AND ALL OTHER PROGRAMS THAT HELP THE SENIORS AND DISABLED TO LIVE.

    If that comes to pass, about one hundred thousand Americans will be forced into abject poverty. With no money coming in, they will be evicted from their homes or foreclosed on. With no money coming, millions of us will find ourselves dying from hunger and/or exposure.

    Today, in my back yard, the temperature rose to 105 F. I have had heat stroke. I’ll be one of the first to die. And the Xian Wrong Wing doesn’t give a flying damn, nor do the RepubliCANTS.

    We have two weeks to go before we know what is happening, but I am not optimistic.

  6. Totally off topic. Casey Anthony was judged not guilty in the death of her daughter. My thought is that she seemed to temporarily go into a rabbit hole that causes an individual to go into total denial. She went out partying as though there was no tomorrow. Denial can do that to a person. I can’t believe that she did what she was accused of doing. It is possible, of course, as we well know. But in this particular case, the prosecution kept going beyond the facts and that is what convinced the jury to have doubt as to her innocence. She seemed to be uncaring during the trial, how would YOU react if the state was trying to send you to a gurney to be executed?

    I have met an individual who was charged with first degree murder of his son who had also drowned. His mind simply could not accept that the light of his life was dead. The next day, he went to Disneyland. Because of that, he was arrested and tried and, like the Anthony woman. His face was an immovable mask during the trial; never in his wildest imagination did he ever think he would be fighting for his life in a court room. He later told me that although he heard what was going on it was as though he was hearing it through a hum that was drowning out the words.

    He was found not guilty after several months in prison. I doubt if he ever recovered.

    Being on trial for your life can make you do strange things.

  7. Beverly. I must be the only person here who gets it. “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” is one of my favorite movies too, and Mira Sorvino is my favorite actress. “Pick up the pace!!!”

  8. Once again, Joseph Allen sticks his head in, vomits a little, then won’t hang around long enough to clean it up.