God, Guns and Greg Abbott

The image below comes from the political campaign of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Where to begin? Perhaps with the fact that the Bible is, in fact, taught in public schools. Sometimes unconstitutionally, but it is. Here’s TFN’s report on such classes.

Or maybe we should start by noting Tuesday’s Texas Senate Education Committee hearing, in which some conservatives argued for keeping comprehensive sex education out of public schools. So no sex education, but hey kids, let’s learn about Glocks!

Or maybe we should simply point out that the Texas attorney general clearly thinks political success requires pandering to the “God and guns” crowd.

8 thoughts on “God, Guns and Greg Abbott

  1. Charity begins at home. He should use both of them on himself. Then the world would be a better place.

  2. Won’t someone please tell Mr Abbott that Texas has so many churches and religious families
    that it is not necessary for the already overburdened public schools to take on the additional task of religious education. Edd Doerr (arlinc.org)

  3. What a crock! The bible can be taught is school as long as it is taught objectively as literature or religion. You can also teach gun safety. Owning and carrying a gun in a school is not allowed and concealed handguns cannot be carried by children. Of course if you are reading this story you already know this.

  4. Where do I get to sign the petition for Texas to secede? They’re lowering our average intelligence level as a nation.

  5. Yes, this ad is sick as well as a lie. But Abbott is a Tea Party radical, so that explains everything.

    TFN mentioned: “Note that his grammar is incorrect.” The caption should read, “Neither of which is taught in schools.” Tea Party leaders and their staff don’t believe in schools and what they (are supposed to) teach, so that explains everything.