Earth to Texas Legislators: Sex Education Isn't Controversial for Most Texans

polltableAs Texas lawmakers consider legislation — Senate Bill 521 — that would make it harder for public schools to teach responsible sex education, we thought it was worth pointing out what Texans think. After all, this is an important issue in a state with the fourth-highest teen birth rate in the nation.

The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund’s February statewide poll of registered voters makes the public’s verdict pretty clear. By a margin of 84-15 percent, registered voters support teaching high school students about birth control as well as the importance of abstinence in sex education classes. (Click on the table for a larger version.)

Support for responsible sex education is overwhelming in every major demographic category: among white and minority voters; among men and women; among Democrats, Republicans and independents; and among Protestants, Catholics, regular church-goers and “born again” Christians.

Religious-right pressure groups and abstinence-only activists make the issue controversial at the Capitol.  They are determined to make it even more so by dragging sex education and public schools into the abortion wars. The Senate Education Committee’s public hearing on SB 521 made that clear.

But for most Texans, responsible sex education is simply common sense.

7 thoughts on “Earth to Texas Legislators: Sex Education Isn't Controversial for Most Texans

  1. The Religious Right thinks that effective birth control was the cause of the so-called Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, which they regard (along with evolution) as one of the primary drivers that led to all of the sin we have in the world today—like women refusing to stay home barefoot, pregnant, and watching soap operas (while her man brings home the bacon). The belief is that widespread knowledge of and access to birth control among Texas teenagers will lead to a massive firestorm of sexual sin that will engulf the entire state and lead to… what? Could one of you folks out there tell us what the hypothetical teenage sexual firestorm will lead to? Smoking cigarettes?

    1. What it will lead to?
      Waivering obedience or even critical thinking of course. Haven’t you read the Texas GOP party platform?

  2. Studies have shown repeatedly that female teen sexual firestorms lead to heroin addiction, devil worship and, later in life, refusal to get coffee for the boss. Heroin and devil worship aren’t that big a deal but not getting coffee? That’s just beyond the pale.

    Speaking of the devil I was reading about this evil doer named David Lane earlier this evening. I’d imagine you TFN folks are familiar with him. At any rate he says if the GOP drops their opposition to gay marriage the evangelicals will all leave and the party will be in shambles. Personally I’d like to see the GOP take their chances and drive the religious right out. Let them form their own party, let the GOP get back to being an actual political party.

  3. (1)Knowledge set you free
    (2)Religion and Creation doesn’t allow anyone to ask their heavy duty questions one needs to when one is going to take a step into an area one has never been.
    (3)If one doesn’t get the answers as to how the reproductive system works early, fifth grade/sixth grade when people begin to fool around and the menstral cycle begins, then your family, community is going to have unwanted pregnacies. Facts are facts.
    (4)The genes in everyone head tells them they SHOULD get their genes out into the world as soon as they can; all of which is NORMAL.
    (5)Religion doesn’t give freedom to ask question/it isn’t direct about REAL Science and this is where Creation takes it’s tole on an individual’s life. Nothing is life is evil; it’s only evil from whose ever perspective one choses to view the world. Having babies is REAL and if those questions aren’t answered, the family is not doing their job for each of their children. The more one learns about one’s body the better one is able to live one’s life, do what they always wanted to do and accomplishe what they always want to be, which is what religion attempts to control. When one is CONTROLLED AND ALLOWED TO REMAIN IGNORANT OF THE REAL WORLD, WHICH SEX IS A GREAT PART OF, they NEVER GET TO THEIR POTIENTIAL. KNOWLEDGE (which means education is the prime point of all things) AND BEING ABLE TO SPEAK ABOUT WHAT ONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT AND UNDERSTAND, THE MORE CONFIDENCE IS GAINED AND THE STRONGER THE INDIVIDUAL BECOMES TO BE THE INDIVIDUAL THEY ALWAYS WANTED TO BE…REMEMBERING ALWAYS, to do unto others as you would want others to do to you….and by the way for those of you who are NOT aware of this, people who are gay, have been born that way. Being gay is psychological created at birth and there is no cure. Being different is what makes us all unique which makes this world so much better and very difficult for those who can’t fix or change others to fit in their mold…God made us all different. Since I’ve come to live in Texas, I’ve seen and heard more ignorance about sex from young people who want to make good decisions for themselves, and to make good decisions, knowledge about how not to get pregnant and learning about those things, one feels at the age 10 and up, is normal. The evil part only comes from those who want to keep others from knowing what they need to know. Knowledge gives up information about living and how to make things happen for ourselves. Why is Texas so narrow and want to controll others with religion…I guess they just want to either ‘control’ or ‘lead’ others rather than create leaders.