Don’t Eat the Soup! It’s Pro-Muslim!

by Dan Quinn

Well, who knew soup could be so dangerous to democracy? At least, that’s what promoters of the growing and increasingly bizarre anti-Muslim hate campaign would seem to think.

This week right-wing blogger Pamela Geller called for a boycott of Campell’s Soup because Campbell’s Canada now sells soup certified as Halal by the Islamic Society of North America. You might remember our earlier report about Geller’s fear that Muslims are trying to “Islamicize” public schools in America. And last November she was the featured guest at a Republican fundraiser in McKinney just north of Dallas. (Members of the so-called “Patriot Host Committee” included Texas lawmakers like state Reps. Jodie Laubenberg of Parker and Ken Paxton of McKinney.)

Other anti-Muslim websites have taken up the anti-Campbell’s boycott cry as well. Even the Tea Party folks are promoting the hysteria:

“Campbell’s now making Muslim approved soups. Mmmmm Mmmmm not good. No more campbells for me.”

So how long will be it before members of the Texas State Board of Education appoint a fanatic like Geller to an “expert” review panel helping decide what kids learn in public schools?