Don’t Eat the Soup! It’s Pro-Muslim!

Well, who knew soup could be so dangerous to democracy? At least, that’s what promoters of the growing and increasingly bizarre anti-Muslim hate campaign would seem to think.

This week right-wing blogger Pamela Geller called for a boycott of Campell’s Soup because Campbell’s Canada now sells soup certified as Halal by the Islamic Society of North America. You might remember our earlier report about Geller’s fear that Muslims are trying to “Islamicize” public schools in America. And last November she was the featured guest at a Republican fundraiser in McKinney just north of Dallas. (Members of the so-called “Patriot Host Committee” included Texas lawmakers like state Reps. Jodie Laubenberg of Parker and Ken Paxton of McKinney.)

Other anti-Muslim websites have taken up the anti-Campbell’s boycott cry as well. Even the Tea Party folks are promoting the hysteria:

“Campbell’s now making Muslim approved soups. Mmmmm Mmmmm not good. No more campbells for me.”

So how long will be it before members of the Texas State Board of Education appoint a fanatic like Geller to an “expert” review panel helping decide what kids learn in public schools?

8 thoughts on “Don’t Eat the Soup! It’s Pro-Muslim!

  1. This shows you just how stupid these people on the far right really are. They fall down on their knees before these corporate giants and worship the god named “free market.” This is the god so sacred that it has become morally wrong for any government or other outside authority to interfere with its operations. In the meantime, they are shipping millions of American jobs overseas.

    When oh when oh when will they wake up and realize that these large businesses have no American allegiance, no Jesus allegiance, and no fellow man allegiance. All that matters is to push up sales, push up profits, and push up dividends for their largest investors. The men who run these companies have no hearts, and as we also learned two years ago when the economy collapsed, they have no brains. They would sell out their own mothers for a dollar bill and a free airplane ride. Political leanings—overwhelmingly Republican. Now, the average stupid guy on the street is all primed up and chomping at the bit to put these and their Republican Party stooges in charge of everything on November 2—apparently not understanding just how bad they and their families are going to get screwed.

    Well, as we “elites” say, “This is the kind of nutty thing average people do because they are—well—average.” You don’t think anyone would actually choose to flip burgers at McDonald’s to make a living? They average gal does it because she has to. She has no other choice. She cannot even get the fries on your order in the bag when you leave. What? You are going to make her CEO of Kraft Foods? Of course not, but she will go dutifully into a voting both and pull the lever for Sarah Palin or Christine O’Donnell.

    So, sure. Islam-approved Campbell’s Soup. Why not? We have Jewish-approved Campbell’s Soup. I feel sure Campbell’s has no plans to change the way they make soup to please Islamic folks. They are just certifying that their regular recipe already meets Islamic dietary customs.

  2. You can get Mooslim Cooties from eating soup made by a company that offers halal foods? I would not have guessed.

  3. Here’s the funny part.

    At a place where I worked, one of my coworkers was Muslim — nice guy and very bright.

    He told me that if he couldn’t find a Halal meat market, a Kosher one would do almost as well.

    The regulations are very similar and for pretty much the same scriptural reaons

    Any bets that observant Muslims have been looking for Kosher symbols on their Campbell’s soup and other store products
    all along?

  4. If you have a stomach for hateful, ignorant, superstitious, bigoted bilge, check out the comments on Geller’s page. She certainly attracts a “special” crowd.

  5. I find it ironic that below the twitter and the American Flag is the motto “E Pluribus Unum”!! In the interest in truth in advertising, it truly ought to be “E Exclusio Unum”.

  6. I don’t think that the SBOE will appoint her to a curriculum position, but will more likely appoint her to oversee the school lunch committee. Then she can specify that only pork products will be served at school and be done with Muslims and Jews at one fell swoop. As to her qualifications for such a position, she don’t need no damn qualifications, she’s a right wing nut.

  7. Do they really think that eating Halal soup can turn them into Muslims?
    Yes, I guess they do.

  8. The stupid thing is that Halel foods are the same as Kosher foods. That is to say that if it’s kosher for Jews, it’s kosher for Muslims, as we have the same dietary laws.

    Now for the even REALLY stupid thing: Pamela Geller is JEWISH! (And you don’t know how much that pains me to admit). So she should know that Halel foods are identical to Kosher foods as well as I know.

    But, then again, Jews are just as susceptible to mental illness as anyone else. And if there’s anyone who’s mentally ill, it is THAT chick.