Deconstructing David Barton

David Barton‘s much talked about appearance on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart is not going away, with lots of keystrokes and time being devoted to analyzing the faux historian’s comments and assertions.

One of those doing some analyzing is Prof. John Fea.

Prof. Fea’s analysis is particularly interesting because of his own résumé. Fea is a historian who teaches at a Christian institution — Messiah College in Pennsylvania. He is the kind of guy Barton might want analyzing his historical “facts,” someone who might be more likely to be receptive to Barton’s views and his propensity to peddle a sectarian slant on history. That is, if only Fea were a dishonest historian. Except, the Messiah College professor is not.

In a seven-part series, Fea methodically takes apart Barton’s “Daily Show” appearance.

Apologists for Barton often try to discredit his critics by claiming they’re just a bunch of godless interest groups or elitist liberal academics. Well, here you go.

Fea’s series on Barton is available on his blog:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

By the way, Prof. Fea has a new book on the topic of religion and America: Was America Founded As a Christian Nation? A Historical Introduction.

One thought on “Deconstructing David Barton

  1. On the surface, one could draw some hope from that, but Dr. Fea will be attacked as a liberal Christian trucking full blast down the Highway to Hell. Anyone who disagrees with the likes of Barton is automatically labeled as an enemy of God. This is a maneuver they learned from Karl Rove.

    It sure must be nice to be personally inerrant and personally infallible. I just wonder who it was that appointed them to replace God.