Catching Up with Cynthia Dunbar

by Ryan

When former State Board of Education member — and perennial TFN nemesis– Cynthia Noland Dunbar left the board last December after declining to run for a second term, some wondered if she was withdrawing from the culture wars, which she repeatedly stoked during her tenure on the board. She has been notably (and thankfully) absent from the Texas political scene this spring, so we were curious about what she was up to these days.

Turns out, she didn’t retire — she just took her act on the road.

Dunbar is now Assistant Professor of Law at the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University School of Law. (Side note: Sarah Posner wrote an interesting piece this week questioning whether Liberty Law School’s approach to teaching the law within a strict “Christian worldview” actually prepares students for a legal career. Interesting quote from one student: “If you walked into court and argued what Liberty wants you to, you’d be laughed out of the room.” Sounds like just the place for Dunbar.)

In addition to her duties shaping the next generation of school district-suing Alliance Defense Fund and Liberty Institute attorneys, Dunbar now maintains a blog at the Christian Law Journal. And she brings the same hyperbolic, divisive rhetorical style to her blog that has made her book — One Nation Under God: How the Left Is Trying to Erase What Made Us Great — the 1,210,143rd most popular book at Amazon. (But look for it to start climbing the charts now that she can assign it as mandatory reading for her classes at Liberty Law.)

Dunbar is also broadening the scope of her political advocacy. She’s now apparently an expert on a wide range of topics, including:

Labor unions:

“Not only are we constantly combating attacks against the sanctity of life and family, we are simultaneously watching the destabilization of our Nation’s economy through rampant socialism. Evidence of economic destabilization through excessive government regulation is seen everywhere. We saw it in the form of Nationalized Healthcare and now we watch as the bureaucratic regulations of the National Labor Relations Board are being used to hinder job production and meaningful economic recovery.”

The electoral college system:

“In light of the present Administration’s ‘don’t bother me with what the Constitution says’ attitude, it seems we have lost our bearings as to what even is Constitutional. It is not surprising then to discover a push by a California organization known as National Popular Vote to stealthily do away with the Electoral College without ever amending the Constitution… This dissolving of the practical effect of the Electoral College does nothing more than trample on the principles of Federalism upon which our great nation was founded.”

But she doesn’t neglect her old tropes about the Christian founders:

“If we are to throw off this despotic and tyrannical oppression of our religious liberties, occasioned from the lack of fluency in Biblical worldview, then it only makes sense that these ‘new Guards’ we choose must speak Biblical worldview.  This is not pretext for a religious litmus test.  It is, however, a clear assertion that in the absence of elected officials capable of accurately interpreting in accordance with the Judeo-Christian framework for civil jurisdiction which is responsible for our liberties, then our liberties will remain at risk.”

Some things never change. But thank God some things do — at least she’s peddling these ideas on an obscure corner of the Internet where they belong, instead of forcing them into students’ textbooks.

If you want to see for yourself what the good professor is preaching these days, click here for an archive of Dunbar’s recent blog posts.