David Barton Lies Again about President Obama's Thanksgiving Messages

by Dan Quinn

Yeah, we’re shocked. Shocked!

David Barton, the phony historian and head of Texas-based WallBuilders, is once again repeating the zombie lie that President Obama doesn’t mention God in his Thanksgiving proclamations.

That’s simply not true, as we pointed out last year.

Our friends at Right Wing Watch report, Barton addressed the issue again with Andrew Wommack on a program for “The Gospel Truth.” (Oh, the irony in that title, yes?) Here’s an excerpt from their discussion:

Barton: One of the unfortunate things, this is in the past several years, the Thanksgiving message out of the White House no longer even mentions God. When we give thanks, God’s not part of that.

Wommack: Part of that’s because of who is in the White House.

Barton: That’s a real problem. You check Thanksgiving proclamations of this president with the previous ones and it’s not the same.

Right Wing Watch has the audio clip and explains:

One thing that you realize after studying David Barton for any bit of time is that one key to his success is the fact that his audiences blindly accept everything he says without question, never bothering to actually verify anything he says.

And Barton is fully aware of this, which is why he has no qualms about lying to them time and again about things that a simple five minute Google search would prove to be false.

Yep, that’s about right. Barton apparently thinks his listeners either are gullible fools or are so blinded by hate that they simply don’t care what the truth is.