Dave Welch: We’re in the ‘Presence of Evil’ in HERO Fight

By now you know that the Texas Supreme Court ordered the city of Houston to either repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) or put it up for a vote in November. Here’s something else you already know: The opponents of the ordinance — which bars discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, sex, military status and other characteristics — are prone to make absurd statements on these issues, and they’re not likely to stop, not even after the November election.

Take Dave Welch of the far-right Texas Pastor Council. Welch has been an outspoken opponent of HERO and of Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Welch is showing no signs of toning down the rhetoric.

Speaking to Craig James — yes, that Craig James — last week on a radio show for the far-right Family Research Council, Welch said the situation in Houston is “combat” in the “presence of evil.”

Listen to the short clip:

4 thoughts on “Dave Welch: We’re in the ‘Presence of Evil’ in HERO Fight

  1. But did he clarify which of the sides this “evil” is on? It might just be on the side with the bulk of the hate.

  2. With Christians like them who needs them?

    My loathing for those hate-filled bigots is impossible to say; I’ve no words for them that shows their depravity and hatred for people who are just people.

    Texas knows no bounds when it comes to the depths of ignorance and fear, that explains the supreme court’s decisions.

    I really hope that there is a hell, that is where they will wind up.

  3. I do believe that a fight against evil is going on. What Craig James and Dave Welch don’t seem to realize is that they are on the side of evil in that fight.