Dallas Religious-Right Pastor: American Christians Face Persecution Like the Jews in Nazi Germany

by Dan Quinn

The religious right has invested a lot of energy and resources into trying to convince Americans that Christians are somehow under attack in a country in which the population is overwhelmingly Christian. Latest example: Robert Jeffress, the far-right Dallas pastor who thinks President is paving the way for the Antichrist.

Now Jeffress says Christians in America are facing persecution just like the Jews faced in Nazi Germany. Seriously.

Speaking with Sean Hannity of Fox News on Monday night, Jeffress agreed with Hannity that “Christians are often attacked” for their beliefs:

“I want to remind people that, you know, the Nazis weren’t able to take the Jews to the crematoriums immediately. The German people wouldn’t have allowed for it. Instead, the Nazis had to change public opinion. They marginalized the Jewish people, disparaged them, and make them objects of contempt…. They are being marginalized right now, treated as objects of contempt by the media, and once that happens, then the taking away of further rights will be very easy.”

Such statements aren’t just absurd. They’re also offensive to the memory of the millions of Jews and others who were slaughtered by the Nazis. Jeffress should be ashamed of himself.

Hat tip: Mediaite, which has the video clip.


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