Cathie Adams on the United Nations

We have spent the last couple of weeks combing through our files on Cathie Adams. Ms. Adams headed the far-right Texas Eagle Forum for 16 years until her appointment as Texas Republican Party chair in October. She has had plenty to say over the years, much of it ranging from bizarre and kooky to vicious and truly offensive. We have already reported on some of that here and here. But we thought you’d like to see more pearls of wisdom from Ms. Adams — after all, she now heads the political party that controls every statewide elected office in Texas.

We’ll continue this series over the next week or so, but let’s start with Ms. Adams’ loathing for the United Nations and her warnings about “one world” government. Adams’ rhetoric has made her sound much like the wild-eyed fanatics who spent the 1990s shouting about the UN’s “black helicopters” and “jack-booted thugs” terrorizing Americans and destroying freedom. She mixes that strain of extremist paranoia with a hefty dose of “end times” theology as well.

“As American sovereignty fades into the sunset, world government is on the horizon. . . . Do you want your children to begin the 21st century reciting a pledge like this? “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Nations, and to the One-World Government for which it stands; all nations equal, worshipping the earth, indivisible, with disarmament and economic redistribution for all.”

— “World Government vs. American Sovereignty,” Torch (Texas Eagle Forum’s monthly newsletter), November 1999

“The Bible tells us that in the end times there will be a world government headed by a world leader, called the anti-Christ, who will profess a world religion, but did you ever think you would live in the day when these things would come into being? That is exactly what the United Nations is doing behind the backs of most Americans.”

— Letter to Texas Eagle Forum activists, August 2000

“(T)hey have a plan to incrementally implement global government with the UN as the central manager of every life and all property in every nation enforced by a standing UN army.”

— “The Millennium Summit and It’s [sic] DECLARATION,” Torch, November 2000, talking about a UN meeting

“In the future, the anti-Christ will use the pleas for human rights, economic equity and a promise to ‘end all wars’ to found global government. . . . God is not the author of global government, the anti-Christ is, and the UN conspicuously manifests his warmongering spirit.”

— “Global ‘Climate Stock Exchange’ Would Redistribute Wealth,” Torch, January 1999

“The UN is a bellwether sign of the times. Since the Bible warns us to be ready and global events provide evidence that the Rapture of the Church is imminent, let us preach Jesus who was born, died and was buried then rose again, conquering death!”

— Letter to TEF activists, September 1998, in which Adams explains that the founding of the UN was the first in a series of events heralding the coming biblical apocalypse

20 thoughts on “Cathie Adams on the United Nations

  1. Adams will be a bit irritated when she finds out that The Rapture was in 2002 and she wasn’t told. It only took three people from Iowa and an old Namibian lady….

  2. Cathie has been reading too much end times speculation from people out to make big personal money using the Christian faith as a cynical tool for their ends. Jesus told us to watch—not create personal fantasies based on scripture or anything else. Jesus said that not even he new when an end would come—so we are supposed to believe that Hal Lindsey does? Give me a break. If the United Nations is the tool of the anti-Christ, then maybe it should have been created by an equally evil man for an equally evil end.

    Read about the “Father of the United Nations” and tell me later if he looks anything like a traitor to American sovereignty or one of Satan’s right hand men:

    I dare you.

  3. I commend TFN for keeping a running record of Adam’s comments and believe it is important to keep End Times in the spotlight. If a person believes a doomsday scenario is in the works and holds a prominent position in politics, it should be kept in public view. Below is a firsthand account of an public encounter along these lines:

    At a Palin Fundraiser during the last presidential campaign, End Times Believers brought their kids (in “Obama Sucks, is a Commie” T-Shirts) and bibles. One protester showed up with a sign that read: “We want rationality in foreign policy: Not End Times Theology, Not K Street, Not Anti-UN attitudes, Not PNAC.”

    One man, who very much looked authoritarian, stared at the person carrying the sign that did not mention commies or socialism or gay people. Near the end of the event, he walked up to that person and said, “Your sign is wrong. It’s not ‘End Times Theology.’ It’s End Times Reality.”

    Honestly, glad to hear that very clear distinction articulated in public between “theology” and “reality.”

  4. On the brightly-colored logo heading for “TFN Insider,” has anyone noticed that tiny red dot along the right edge of the logo. That’s the “secret button” that Satan and his demons click to relay their most recent ideas and demands to TFN. It won’t work if you click on it. You have to have a specially designed demon computer to do that, and they are not available in stores or fro Internet order. You”ll have to sell your soul to get one.

  5. One can use scripture and the doctrine of inerrancy to argue that the end times actually came within the 1st generation of Jesus and the apostles nearly 2000 years ago and is now long over. That might mean that a very small number of “true” saints went into heaven and everyone else went the broad way that leadeth to destruction. After looking at world history over the past 1,928 years, I do not see how you could call it anything else but hell. Personally, whenever I look at the Religious Right, it looks like hell, quacks like hell, and waddles like hell. This gives me pause. Then I look around at people like Billy Graham, Tony Campolo, Pope John-Paul II, etc. and realize that the end is not yet.

    Of course, if you are a fundie or evangelical, every time is the end times. Second 101. The end times will come at second 102. Second 102. The end times must be at second 103. Second 103. Surely the end times must be at second 104. Second 104. It’s gotta be second 105. Second 105. It will come at second 106. Second 106. C’mon second 107—Right? Second 107. I have received a vision that it will definitely come at second 108. Second 108. Second 109? Y’all better answer the altar call because it’s definitely a comin’ at second 110. Second 110…

    Bottom Line: Jesus loves you folks. Tim LaHaye doesn’t know his ____ from a hole in the ground. Only God knows.

  6. Great Ben. I need all the love I can get. Just don’t let Zeus do that Leda and the swan thing on me.

  7. By the way Ben, in my neck of the woods, it would not be pronounced “Zoose.” It would be pronounced “Zee us.” Hey old slapjack—yes, yes, yes. Hey old slapjack—yes, yes, yes. Hm-m-m-m-m-m!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cathie Adams must know that the part of the Bible she cites also tells us of four angels sitting on the four corners of the Earth. A nice trick on a spheroid.

  9. This chick sounds like a hottie. Anyone who can develop this much passion over nothing sounds like a great double date with Michelle Bachman!

  10. “As American sovereignty fades into the sunset, world government is on the horizon. . . . Do you want your children to begin the 21st century reciting a pledge like this? “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Nations, and to the One-World Government for which it stands; all nations equal, worshipping the earth, indivisible, with disarmament and economic redistribution for all.”

    The funny thing is, I wouldn’t mind a pledge like that at all! Especially the second half.

  11. Isn’t this “UN is the Antichrist” stuff a little stale? That rhetoric has been around since the late 1940s (that is, about as long as the UN has existed), and so far, the UN has done none of the things the prophets of doom predicted. Just how long do they think the UN will take to bring on the End Times? 100 years? 1000 years? I’m not holding my breath.

  12. “….all nations equal, worshipping the earth, indivisible, with disarmament and economic redistribution for all.”

    Gale, I’m with you. Sounds great to me.

    Gary, you too. The UN is so weak and fractious I doubt it could come to any agreement, certainly not anything as big as a World Government. The thought is ludicrous.

  13. Just to clarify, this is the far right prophecy and plan as it would be spoken by one of the more knowledgeable and insightful locals in my area of the United States:

    It’s like theeus. The UN izza lookin’ like weekniss and frags rot now. Butchhee see. When the Annie Christ arrives on the scene, him be the one that uses him’s devil pire to pull it tagather and makit it all pireful and a right workin’ dontchee know. Thens whens it takes control of everthin.

    Ya see. Weez ones in the tru Chreeschun communidee is a lookin’ at it lok theeus. If we con do them thar protayusts now and streeyup the UN of its pire and haul it all down, then when the Annie Christ a shows up, he ain’t a havin’ nothin’ to pull together with his devil pire causin thar won’t be nothin’ to pull tagether. Thayun, he’lls just a thro up his hayunds and go home to hayul.