Cathie Adams on Gay Americans

by Dan Quinn

As we end (for now) our series of posts looking at extremist statements Cathie Adams has made over the years, we present some of what the new Texas Republican Party chair has said in the past about gay men and lesbians. She has been both contemptuous and absurdly contradictory in her statements about the right of gay and lesbian Americans to live free from hatred and discrimination.

“This display of immoral pictures and articles presents a clear and present danger to traditional families as the media’s odd tolerance is doing its best to mainstream sexual perversion.”

— From Texas Eagle Forum’s Web site in a March 2003 news “Update,” criticizing mainstream newspaper articles about same-sex couples

“While our President enjoys high polling numbers because of his leadership in the war against terror, we cannot look the other way when he elevates homosexuals and homosexual sympathizers to key positions within the White House and within the GOP.”

— April 7, 2003, e-mail to TEF activists, criticizing President Bush for hiring gay people

Then just one week later:

“This bill is unnecessary because there is little evidence that persons are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.”

— April 15, 2003, e-mail to TEF activists, opposing legislation against job discrimination based on sexual orientation

“Texas’ laws should be aligned with nature and nature’s God, thus protecting children from the unnatural and unhealthy lifestyles of homosexuality and bisexuality.”

— Feb. 12, 2003, e-mail to TEF activists