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It's becoming clearer that too many legislators are determined to see Jim Crow ride again in Texas. Today the House Elections Committee advanced a sweeping voter suppression bill targeting Texans of color. Check out our press release. Read More

Today the House Public Health Committee heard testimony on six bills that would further limit abortion access in Texas or ban it entirely. Check out press release:…… Read More

Republican efforts to make it harder for Texans -- especially Texans of color -- to vote are racing forward this week. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Senate on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to a sweeping voter suppression bill, and a key House committee heard testimony on its own version today. Check out our press release:…… Read More

Last night, Gov. Greg Abbott delivered his latest State of State Address. The reality of the crisis, a pandemic, was clear from the get-go as Abbott delivered the address to Texans watching on TV or online instead of where it is normally delivered, before a live audience at the Capitol in Austin. Read More

State lawmakers will gather tomorrow at the Capitol in Austin for the official start of the 87th session of the Texas Legislature. Read More