Celebrate Charles Darwin’s Birthday by Allowing Schools to #TeachTheTruth

As long as one can remember, parents have sent their children to school in hopes that they’ll get an education that will allow them to learn from our past, develop critical thinking skills, and find their passion as they become contributing adults in our society. The schoolhouse door is meant to welcome children from every […]

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El Paso GRACE Act Testimony: Ivonne Diaz

My name is Ivonne Diaz, and I’m a Regional Organizer with Texas Rising in El Paso. I’m in favor of item 31. Last year when this item was introduced, I shared my story with you. I said it was the story of a friend when in reality it was my story. I didn’t want to […]

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El Paso GRACE Act Testimony: Sabrina Bustillos

Good afternoon mayor and council (with a belated congrats to the new members of the council that have already begun doing great things for the city), my name is Sabrina Bustillos and I’m here in my capacity as a community member and advocate with the Texas freedom network and their Just Texas program, which works […]

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Pomp. Circumstance. Hypocrisy. Another Abbott Inauguration.

We endured a third inauguration for Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday, and the run-of-show was nothing new: Pomp. Circumstance. Hypocrisy. Blatant disregard for the separation of church and state. Anti-abortion rhetoric. Thinly veiled jeers at the LGBTQIA+ community. Undermining public education. No mention of the lives lost in Uvalde, TX last year or gun violence while touting a plan to “make our schools safer.” […]

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