By Our Enemies Ye Shall Know Us

Hate mail we received today:


15 thoughts on “By Our Enemies Ye Shall Know Us

  1. Just 6 dollars for 100 stickers AND they pay postage? Wow! That’s a darn good deal!

    But I’m always skeptical of “companies” that use a post office box that is just two or three digits. It makes me think they’re a second rate, no-count outfit. So I need a sweetener here in order to get me fork over the money.Perhaps if they threw in a Mr. Microphone or Pocket Fisherman, something along those lines, I’d be more inclined to pony up.

    1. I too, am curious — what’s the story? Re: that “White Race” business…. if one understands and studies human evolution (it’s not something you have to “believe in,” there’s so much we need to learn about it.) We’re all Africans. Just lots of different branches — evolved over hundreds of K years.

  2. There’s an incidental report of some Virginia area KKK recruiting in the news this week. Not exactly your neck of the woods, but not to far from these WV clowns.

  3. I encountered similar thinking last week when I was volunteering in my church thrift store. Two women came in to ask for assistance with utility bills. A customer told the that they were probably looking for the Catholice charity two blocks away. The younger woman said: “They told us they only help people with the last name of ‘Cantu”.” Shocked, I asked her to repeat what she said and she repeated the same statement. I told her that I was uncomfortable with that statement because I knew it wasn’t true. She then started screaming at me about nobody helping them and they had no gas to get back to Fredericksburg (where they lived), etc. They left the shop and drove off in a huge truck – a recent model. So much for “white” privilege…