Bryan Fischer Plays Political Scientist/Historian on the Internet

Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s propaganda minister, has an interesting Twitter post up this evening:

American Revolution NOT a rebellion, a violation of Rom. 13. Once declared independence, were resisting foreign aggression.

So, Bryan, was President Lincoln guilty of “foreign aggression” when he saved the Union after the Confederate states declared independence?

UPDATE: And what was Fischer up to? Our friends at Right Wing Watch have it: rewriting American history so that it conforms to his interpretation of the Bible.

10 thoughts on “Bryan Fischer Plays Political Scientist/Historian on the Internet

  1. Good grief. A rebellion becomes a revolution when it is won. A declaration has nothing to do with it and neither does the Bible.

  2. Fisher gets a big fat F in history here.

    He claims that “once the colonies declared their independence from England, they had formed a new and sovereign government, meaning that the subsequent war that erupted was the result of a foreign power (i.e. England) invading our sovereign, free, and independent territory.”

    The problem is, as anyone that has read Revolutionary era history knows, the Revolutionary War actually started well before we declared independence. Hostilities were going full tilt in New England at the time the Declaration was signed.

    And then there is the fact that anyone who believes this preposterous “American Exceptionalism” theory put forth by the religious right is just plain stupid as well as in complete denial of reality. A classic example of such stupidity is former SBOE board member Cynthia Dunbar.

    1. With all due respect, I think it rather foolish to call Cynthia Dunbar ‘stupid’.

      What better belief for those out to get all they can get than the belief that God wants you to have it?

  3. And such a declaration of independence is not itself an act of rebellion against the authority?

  4. On July 4, I tried to make a post about David Barton’s support for July 4th, but when I clicked submit, the post did not “take.”

    Anyway, best I could figure out, Wallbuilders hooked up with some ministerial association, Hobby Lobby, and some other major retailer to sponsor a whole-page “In God We Trust” ad in national newspapers. My local newspaper, which is not in Texas, ran one of these full-page ads. The ad looked like a major league listing of famous quotes from famous historical Americans about how Christianity and government were somehow fused and should be. They looked like probable quotes from Barton’s books. Did any of you catch that in your local newspapers. I guess what I am trying to say is that it looks as if the average American from sea to shining see got a heavy dose of free David Barton on Wednesday.

    If anyone is interested, I have started my own blog over at this URL:

    I put up a post about Tennessee’s new anti-evolution law last night and may have some further commentary on it in the coming days. You folks are welcome to visit, but do not abandon TFN. I plan to stay here and keep supporting TFN, and I hope that you will too.

  5. Anybody want to buy Bryan Fischer a dictionary with a bookmark by the definition of “rebellion”?

  6. was President Lincoln guilty of “foreign aggression” when he saved the Union after the Confederate states declared independence?

    Yes he was. We white wash over the civil war by saying it was about slavery, but Lincoln can be quoted saying if he “could save the union without freeing one slave” he would.

    1. Yet, Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation. “White wash?” That’s a good one, although I doubt you intended the double meaning here. Why not read the Texas Articles of Secession to get a REAL feel about the reasons for the war. ( That word “slaves” sure does popup a lot.