About That Nonpolitical Prayer Rally, Ctd.

The American Family Association isn’t the only one playing fast and loose with election law in their almost-but-not-really-endorsement of Gov. Rick Perry. The American Renewal Project — part of a shadowy network of state-based organizations, including the Texas Restoration Project, that supported conservative candidates in previous election cycles — does them one better.

Check out the email sent by the founder of the American Renewal Project on Saturday, August 13 — just hours after Perry formally declared his candidacy for President:

American Renewal Project

Dear Pastor,

No doubt you have heard a great deal about Texas Governor Rick Perry hosting a fasting and prayer rally last weekend called “The Response”.

I thought you might like to hear the facts about the event from Dr. James Dobson, who attended and said “it was a highlight for me because of the size of the crowd and because of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ among us.”

Listen here to an inspiring message from Dr. Dobson’s radio program, about his impressions regarding “The Response” prayer rally last weekend at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

David Lane
American Renewal Project

And that’s another supposedly non-political, tax exempt religious organization — James Dobson’s Focus on the Family — lending its name to this well-timed endorsement love note as well.

These folks aren’t even trying to avoid the appearance of fairness or non-partisanship, which should come as no surprise, since the creation of the Texas Restoration Project back in 2005 was underwritten by four prominent Perry donors (to the tune of nearly $1.3 million ). Moreover, during the run-up to the 2006 gubernatorial election, the group convened big crowds of conservative pastors at six lavish events. The only candidate who spoke at those events? You guessed it.¬† Rick Perry.

The old religious right war horses are getting back in the presidential elections game in 2012, and it looks like they have already decided on their candidate: the same one they’ve been supporting for more than a decade in Texas.

9 thoughts on “About That Nonpolitical Prayer Rally, Ctd.

  1. According to confidential sources, Rick Perry has a ticking time bomb in his pants, and uses the power of the state to facilitate profligate detonation.

  2. Being a favorite target of these people I have followed their activities fairly closely. It has always been hard for me to gauge , however , just how much influence do they really have ? If Perry wins the Republican nomination , and I think their is a chance that he will , It will give us an accurate gauge once and for all , of just how powerful these people have become.

  3. Those organizations mentioned in the article above. Right wing theocrats in general.

  4. Has anybody filed a complaint with IRS re: these tax-exempt organizations supporting a political candidate?

  5. “Witness the fetid cockroach that is James Dobson; multiply his insanity by access to real power and the result is Sharia law.”

    I don’t recall who said made that statement but it was a most accurate assessment

  6. Fetid refers to something that stinks. While cockroaches are loathsome, they don’t stink.

    Based on scientific research, the cockroach is likely to inherit the earth, as they are indestructible, even by hard radiation.

    Find another less loathsome outcome for genus Dobson

  7. Hello Orkin? Yeah could you guys send somebody over the White House this afternoon? There’s the new hybrid species called the Flexas cockroach…………….