Sign the Letter to Gov. Perry: Stop the Hate

In just four days, nearly 1,600 people have already signed our open letter calling on Texas Gov. Rick Perry to stop associating with a vicious hate group and to make his August prayer event a truly uniting occasion rather than another “culture war” tool for dividing Americans.

Gov. Perry has asked the American Family Association to organize the August 6 event for conservative evangelical Christians at Reliant Stadium in Houston. But the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified the AFA as a hate group on par with the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nations. In fact, one of the organization’s leading spokesmen is notorious for his incendiary verbal assaults on Muslims and other non-Christians, on gay people and on Native Americans. He also shamelessly uses racially charged rhetoric and has even questioned the Christian faith of President Obama. (See more about the American Family Association here, here and here.)

Join with a growing chorus of voices that are sending a clear message to Gov. Perry: stop associating with hate groups and using faith as a political weapon to divide Americans.

Sign the letter here.