‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’

So now FOX News anchor Brit Hume is saying that criticism of his call last Sunday for golfer Tiger Woods to dump Buddhism and convert to Christianity is just another form of “anti-Christian bigotry.” Hume told CNSNews.com yesterday:

“It is certainly true in secular America today that the most controversial two words you can ever utter in a public space are ‘Jesus Christ.’”

That’s absurd. He really thinks that’s true in a country in which the vast majority of people are Christians? But it’s typical of the way religious-righters today portray themselves as victims.

Hume’s statement reminds us of what supporters of Don McLeroy were saying last spring when the Texas Senate refused to approve his renomination as chair of the State Board of Education. Some dishonestly said opponents of McLeroy’s renomination were attacking “his personal religious beliefs” and his “Biblical worldview of creation.” State Sen. Steve Ogden, R-Bryan, outrageously suggested that McLeroy opponents wanted to establish a “religious test” for office. They all conveniently ignored how the state board under McLeroy’s chairmanship had become a dysfunctional, deeply divided mess in which board members — including McLeroy — spent much of their time promoting personal political agendas rather than focusing on making sure Texas students get a sound education.

So now Hume is using the same tactic in a pathetic attempt to deflect criticism of his suggestion on national television that Woods should reject his own personal faith and become a Christian to find forgiveness for his marital scandal. Hume even suggests that people who disagree might not really be Christians themselves (emphasis added below):

When asked to speculate about the reasons for the mainstream media’s vitriolic reception of Christianity, Hume initially expressed bewilderment.

“I’m somewhat at a loss to explain it because so many of the people who purport to be aghast at such mentions [of Jesus Christ] are themselves at least nominally Christian.  But there it is,” Hume said.

“Nominally Christian”? Does Hume doubt their faith because they think what he did was wrong? We saw the same thing during the State Board of Education’s debate over science standards. One creationist attacked the morality of state board members who support teaching the real science of evolution. Other creationists — including board members — were even more vicious in their attacks on the faith of their opponents.

In his CNSNews.com interview, Hume continued:

“There is certainly a level of anti-Christian bigotry that may have something to do with the fact that on certain issues, the views of Christians are against theirs on certain matters such as abortion and others, but I can’t account for all of it.  It is a striking reality, however.”

Hume has it wrong here, of course. Religious-righters feel perfectly comfortable attacking the faith of other people — including fellow Christians — who don’t share their political or theological points of view. And when they are criticized for doing so, they claim to be victims of “anti-Christian bigotry.” That’s the truly “striking reality.”

11 thoughts on “‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’

  1. 1. Like other conservative neo-fundies, Brit Hume lies, gets it wrong, knows it, and is too dishonest and arrogant to admit it. In disparaging Buddhism, he shows that he knows diddly-squat about it. But again, conservative neo-fundies have no qualms about admitting their ignorance publicly. No, in fact, they seem to glorify in it.

    2. Of course, Mr Hume lacks the balls to call forth a Buddhist cleric and have a real honest on-air discussion with him/her. That would never do. That wouldn’t serve Mr. Hume at all.

    3. Mr Hume displayed that he is far more interested in marketing Christianity than at actually helping Mr. Woods. Like he is getting some kind of commission by bringing in converts?

    4. Mr Hume seems to be focused more on self-promotion and self-pity than in actually helping Woods with his sex addiction, if that’s what Mr. Woods’ problem is.

    5. Bottom line: Tiger Woods’ faith is his own business, not Mr. Hume’s nor anyone else’s. I don’t go on TV and say that Mr Woods should accept Judaism. In fact, I wouldn’t say any such thing to anyone even in private. It’s not my place to do so, and I would expect a chorus of protest if I did.

  2. You know. I bet Jesus and an old-fashioned adultery talk would be good for Tiger Woods and his family. However, I agree that “Jesus” and “Christ” are not the two lightening rod words that Hume thinks. If you really want your hind end kicked in this country, especially in a red state, just try saying “help me” to someone.

  3. Ha, that’s for sure, Charles!

    Two more forbidden words in America: SOCIALIZED INSURANCE. I’m already bracing for the hate mail.

  4. Oh come on. If you want to cause a stir in this country, have a politician or prominate television personality thank “Allah” in the public square.

  5. You are being too kind to Hume. He’s way too smart for this, “I’m somewhat at a loss to explain it,” garbage. He knows exactly what he did, exactly why it was offensive, and I guarantee you it was entirely planned. Further, he knows full well there is NO Christian bigotry in the US, which has a 75% Christian majority. The entire incident was calculated and planned.

    In fact, his words to CNSNews.com were nearly identical to his words on Bill O’Reilly’s show. How’s that for scripted?

    And who exactly is he talking about here: “There is certainly a level of anti-Christian bigotry that may have something to do with the fact that on certain issues, the views of Christians are against theirs on certain matters such as abortion and others.”

    He’s not talking about Christians here, is he? Is he now Jew, atheist, Muslim, and all other minority-religion baiting? What are the religion of “theirs” he is talking about? He’s definitely not talking about people who are “nominally Christian.” Now he’s talking about non-Christians, people he says who have “anti-Christian bigotry.”

    This is actually very scary stuff to non-Christians, Hume’s saying two times now that there’s all this “anti-Christian” bigotry.

  6. By Christian bigotry, maybe he is talking about the traditional Christian fundamentalist and evangelical hatred of Catholics in the United States (tongue in cheek). Let’s see. What was it my old Southern Baptist pastor told our congregation that morning back in the 1980s. Ah yes, “Roman Catholicism is an evil worldwide religious system rather than a faith.” Catholics have a religion. Baptists have the Christian faith.

    Now. You might think it was a poorly educated backwoods southern preacher who said that. Not so. It was a relatively wealthy young minister with a real Ph.D who came to my church from Dallas, Texas where he had been brought up right at the very elbow of no less than Rev. W.A. Criswell himself. Imagine that.

  7. The reason there is anti christian bigotry is because the christian faith is itself bigoted and prejudicial. Should Tiger become a nice christian like Ted Haggard and get male prosititutes and take crystal meth? Or just everyday prostitutes like Jim Baker? Christians need to look in the mirror and see what they have become…. Against personal freedoms of all kinds. Anti science, anti gay rights, anti all other religions, anti choice, anti medical research. It is no wonder that Americans of sound mind are fleeing these churchs in droves. It is laughable that Brit is posing christianity as a solution for Tigers human frailty. I stay out of hospitals becuase they are full of sick people and I stay out of churchs because they are full of sinners. Do I really need to someone to tell me to be uneducated, bigoted and to believe that ancient mythology is literaly true in order to live a good life? Just do the right thing folks, it is not that hard.

  8. Katie, that’s exactly what I already said in another thread (which, of course, nobody read): that Brit Hume planned all along to say what he did knowing very well the controversy it would cause so that then he could pout and say Poor Me. Like you say, he’s just jumping onto this Poor Us Persecuted Christians bandwagon like all other conservatives who are so so persecuted, scorned, demoralized, hunted, afflicted, vicimized, tormented, tortured, and absued in America. Now his fellow conservatives can feel vindicated that he too feels their pain and is one with them.

  9. Cytocop.

    People read your stuff. I almost always read your stuff. (I’m gonna get a kiss for my trouble here.) I don’t comment on it that much because I tend to agree with most of it. Consider the silence a positive comment on thoughts well done and well written.

    Rather than hearing my Christian perspective, Ben’s atheist perspective, and assorted other perspectives, I think it is nice to hear the Jewish female perspective on all of these issues. I don’t mean this about you, but it came to mind with regard to the old 1970s Saturday Night Live skits with Garrett Morris. “And now on Sunday talk, we present the black perspective on lemon Jello.” Those were funny.

    I think each of us TFN Insiders brings a unique range of knowledge, skills, and experience to the issues discussed on this blog, and we have a nice sprinkling of subject matter experts, like Steve Schafersman, who put in their 2 cents as well. Personally, I think this is one of the best blogs in the country for a serious and heartfelt intellectual conversation on current issues.

    Have you seen those two blogs over on the Texas Free Market Foundation website? Those puppies go practically unwatered and unfed and appear to be staying alive only with extraordinary life support measures (IV tubes, ventilators, etc.). I don’t even know why they bother to have them. Even if you leave a nice, respectful, and balanced message that disagrees with their position, they will delete it right away. Best I can tell, no criticism or difference of opinion is permitted, which I think says volumes about their totalitarian mindset over there and the kind of hell-on-earth theocracy these people would create. I think Duane said it best yesterday—a nominal “Christian” North Korea.

    This is where the fundies step in and say, “You’ll get yours for disagreeing with the FMF!!! The Bible says that one day every knee will be bent before Jesus and admit that he is Lord and savior of all. You’ll see.”

    Fine. I love the Lord Jesus, and I will gladly crack those knees before him and bow my nose down into even the soil for him. I just don’t plan to do it before the FMF because I don’t think they are the Lord’s legitimate or most true representative on this Earth. Far from it. I will wait for Jesus and stay focused on Him only.

  10. What Hume also doesn’t realize is that Buddhism provides a path to salvation (erm, enlightenment) and penalties for doing wrong in this life. Tiger’s going to end up coming back as an asexual protozoan.