American Hate Association?

Sarah Posner writes about the American Family Association, one of the oldest, most influential and most radical of the nation’s religious-right organizations. Founded in 1977 in Mississippi by Don Wildmon, over the years the organization has become increasingly hateful and intolerant — toward non-Christians, political opponents, minorities and even AFA’s own employees, apparently. Excerpt:

“(W)hile the AFA has long been known for its invective against the ‘homosexual agenda’ and its boycotts of companies that fail to meet its standards of ‘decency,’ [Bryan] Fischer—no policy wonk, despite being director of ‘Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy’—has taken the public rhetoric to a new, ugly level.

According to former employees of the AFA, the views represented by Fischer are not only tolerated within the organization, but any opposition to its anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant invective—including reliance on white nativist sources in the AFA’s media programs—is dismissed. What’s worse, former employees say, anyone questioning such attitudes as un-Christian is denigrated, and in some cases forced out.”

Check out Posner’s insightful examination of an organization that has been at the heart of the religious-right movement for more than three decades.

3 thoughts on “American Hate Association?

  1. Worked for me. I had already read it and shared it on facebook. I hope these groups have seen their high-water mark and are in decline.